Monday, March 28, 2011


Week 3 didn't turn out very well. I certainly made some measuring mistakes. I ended up having quite a few points left over, but I ate every single one of my exercise ones and all of my daily ones.

My number one mistake was eating late. At least 3 nights we had late dinners ( around 9:30) and that never sits well with me. Even though I stayed within my points target eating late in general is still bad.

I had a major sweet tooth. Like major. I didn't go crazy but I definitely had a weight watchers ice cream every single night. Again, it was within my points but I'm sure I could of had better self control

And my third mistake was measuring. I never measured any meats or exact amounts of pasta and I think that's a biggy. I went out yesterday and bought a food scale and plan to measure everything this week, including all oil, butter, etc.

Overall I gained half a lb. I didn't like it, and felt like crying but it could have been worse. I'm trying to change my mistakes and move forward. I had my last day of personal training :( booo! on Sunday so now it's just me, myself and I in the gym. I started insanity ( another post about that soon!) and plan to take 2 zumba classes, 2 lifting classes and 4 or 5 days of cardio.

So we'll leave it at that. I'm planning to measure everything this week. Eat all my daily points and only my exercise points and leave my flex/weekly points alone. No more late night dinners, and a lot less sweets!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well last week was a total bust in the Weight Watchers world. I followed every single rule and stayed within my points, even had a quite a few weekly points left over but I had gained 4 lbs by the end of the week. I also had started my period the second day I started WW so all in all it was just a week from hell.

I stepped on the scale on Wednesday or Thursday since I felt back to "normal" as far as bloating and cramps go, and found that I dropped 7.5 lbs. To say I was happy would be an understatement. So I'd say realistically for my first week I lost a solid 3.0 lbs.

Im not counting the additional since I had gained, and i'm going based off my "starting" weight.

Moving onto week two.

Just finishing up aunt flo and I lost one more solid LB. So that brings my loss down to 4.0 lbs. I'm still following all the rules and stayed within my points.

This week I really tried to kick up the gym, so I had 2 personal training sessions, and 2 cardio sessions plus lots of dog walks. I ended up getting 28 extra points this week because of that. I had planned on not touching my weekly points and just using my daily points plus my exercise points to see if I could get a bigger, solid loss. Unfortunately I only got 1 lb out of the deal so I'm not sure why.

Could be muscle gain, could be that I'm not eating enough, or maybe I'm eating too much? Honestly, I have no clue. I still have to play with the points thing and see week from week what works best. Obviously 1 lb is better then nothing. On Saturday I used up all of my exercise pts in one setting. We were suppose to go out to dinner with some friends but C wasn't feeling well. We ended up ordering Chinese. I portioned every thing out, but we got a variety of stuff. Since everything is fried and has sauce it added up very quickly. In the end I had a horrible guilty conscience, because I worked so hard for those pts! I guess you have to splurge once in awhile to maintain happiness.

I'm moving onto week 3 now and hoping for at least a 3lb loss ( well in reality I want a 5, but trying to be realistic!)

I'm going to just eat daily points and not touch my exercise, or my extra weekly. It;s gonna be tough, but I need to see where my issues are coming from. If there isn't a big loss this week, then I'm going to try week 4 with eating almost all of my weekly.

So as a recap.

Week 1 loss: 3 Lbs
Week 2 loss: 1 lb
Total loss: 4 lbs

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to admit this. but On Friday night we almost ran. Ran from what you ask? well after tsunami warnings, and now radiation warnings, it was getting to be too much. We live some 4000 miles away from Japan, but yet we're getting just as many hazardous threats and "GET OFF THE WEST COAST NOW!" media spilling's it was just starting to be too much. C approached me on Thursday evening about leaving. He said he absolutely felt for our safety and the safety of our future children, we needed to go on a little road trip and get out of town for a few days. I wasn't thinking much of it, until he started reading to me all the information about what was to come our way. And then? He showed me all the sold out airline tickets leaving PDX. That's when it hit me. I was afraid. I was worried we were being stupid with our lives. I wanted to get out asap. And so we made a few calls to my mom, who then of course freaked out too, and told her we were heading out for a few days.

I had a personal training class Thursday night that I couldn't cancel ( although seems so stupid to go with the mind set I was in!)I spoke with C on the phone on the way there and back, and we were making lists to get things ready. After my class, I headed home, and came back to a level mind.After doing some more research we decided to see how much radiation they were detecting in Los Angele's first since it was due to hit there on Friday and us on Sunday. It was a horrible night of sleep, but when we got up on Friday morning, results showed minor amounts. Now, I don't necessarily believe everything the government says, so I found a few local sources who stated the same thing. So in conclusion we decided to stay home. We figured as long as we stayed indoors as much as possible the next few days we would be fine.

This all seems a bit silly now how freaked out we got, but it was eye opening. We worked as a team, and were on the same page the whole way through. That leaves me hope that in case of a real life emergency we'll be good to go. We're prepared.

I just hope nothing big comes our way for the next few days since C has a really bad sore throat and a strained muscle in his back. :(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


(Disclaimer. I will be talking about periods and stuff, so if it's not your thing, you might wanna run the other direction.)

I did something really bad this week. I got my hopes up. Like, waaaay up.

You see, after we miscarried My periods have gone to shit. Meaning; they're all over the place. Some months they're the first of the month and so super light, and some months they move to the middle and I can't even bend over they hurt so bad. It's been a confusing mind game, and a very emotional one at that.

This month I anticipated a bad one, since the last 2 were fairly easy. I started cramping the 1st and second thinking I was surely about to start. But nothing. Then I woke up and my boobs hurt. I mean aching, warm and felt like huge jugs of water were falling out of my chest. I got a little tinge of hmmm.That's a sign I had before too when I was pregnant. Maybe maybe maybe.

I didn't think about it anymore for a few days, but by day 6 when I still hadn't had my period and my boobs were still hurting, I caved and took a test. It was negative.

I put it in the waste can, and about an hour later I decided to look at it one more time and there was a faint positive. I think I had a small heart attack, but then came back down to reality and realized it was probably just a vapor line. I decided to wait another week ( and the anticipation? OMG the worst!) It was the 10th of the month. Boobs still hurt, still no period but some cramping. So I bought an EPT. Took it, and that one was very very negative. So I gave up hope. I just figured my period was jacked up, I've taken 2 tests and nothing.

2 days later I still had nothing. Just an emotional side of me wishing I was pregnant, and not anticipating a late period. I guess god heard me, and decided it was time to stop playing mind games because he through in 3 of the biggest cramps I've had in my life and then I started.

And like I said in my last post, It's one of the worst ones I've had in a really long time. So bad in fact that I caved and made an OB apt. I'm ready to start the testing process. I'm ready to learn why my body is doing what it's doing.

Infertility is not fun.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I started weight watchers this week. I was having a really hard time counting every single calorie, then logging it in, plus logging in all my fitness, charging the body bug, printing everything for the personal trainer and still feeling motivated.After almost 3 weeks of being sick I was completely off course and needed to start fresh.

So I changed it up a bit. I'm still working with my body bug, still working with my personal trainer, and now I'm watching "points" instead of calories. So far, I'm liking it. I'm eating what I want just in major moderation. It sort of works better for our lifestyle, since we enjoy cooking and obviously eating.

This week I really learned how to portion control. Like majorly. Have you ever measured out your cereal to a serving size? and then measured out the milk? ( or for me, silk) holy crap was I over-eating this stuff. probably 3 times over eating. but now I know. I've measured everything just to see where I'm at and to sort of train my brain on sizing control. I don't however, measure oil ( olive oil or whatever) or spices, or veggies. Veggies are no points ( well most of them) and so I just eat as many as I'd like.

All in all, I didn't have a "loss" for my first week, and I stayed within my points and even had lots of flex points left. I have to say this though. I'm having a really tough period this week ( of course it comes on the week I started this) and normally I would have gained upwards of 5-7 lbs and I didn't gain anything. So I'm thinking once this is over I should have a loss of at least that.

I'm looking forward to week two. And hoping to see a nice big loss once Aunt flo is kicked to the shed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I can't believe how fast this year has seriously flown by. I remember last year's Lent

I have actually really made a difference in my life with last years fast. It took me a little while to watch the cussing, but now I'm very aware of what comes out of my mouth and try to find other words to use. Do I still cuss? sure. But maybe 80% less then I did. To me that's a success!

So this year I decided to make another big change.I'm sure we're all guilty of this but I am a social media addict. I spend more time on facebook then I do any other website, simply because it's attached to my phone.

So this year, I'm giving up Facebook. I highly considered giving up all of social media, (facebook & twitter)But I decided to give up the worse of the two. I gave myself a few rules though. I wont be logging into my personal one, but I will be logging into our business one simply because I need to upload pictures and keep my cast members up to date.

And then once Lent subsides I'll see how I feel about it and might give myself limitations on using the website. I just find it more stressful, degrading, drama, and a huge time waster then anything. I'm ready for this change.

If you celebrate Lent, what are you sacrificing?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm very surprised by how many people that don't travel. It's our very favorite thing to do. We don't spend a lot of money on ourselves or our house simply because we'd rather use our time and funds to explore.

We've been to a lot of places over the 9 years we've been dating.

- Los Angeles
- San Diego
- Chicago
- San Antonio
- St Louis
- North Dakota
- Oregon (before we moved here)
- Detroit
- Las Vegas
- Seattle

( I also went to Hawaii with a family I babysat for)

We also visited many, many states on two huge road trips. One going from California to Michigan ( for business) and one going from California to North Dakota for a wedding. I don't really count driving through states as "traveling" there because we didn't stop in most of them.

We've obviously been to quite a few places and a lot of those places we've been multiple times ie ( Los Angeles hellllo Disneyland! and Las Vegas)

We're not rich. And we don't have any credit card debt. We never go anywhere unless we can pay cash, and it's in our budget. So here's how we budget our trips every year.

First of all, when we start throwing idea's about places we want to go, the first thing I do is look at numbers. I want to know what airfare ( or gas) is going to cost, how cheap we can get a hotel, and what our food/activity budget will be.

Once I have a game plan I present to Carlos.
side note Carlos does NOT plan. He absolutely hates the process and would rather leave that all to me. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass,  but we get through. I give him a few different options, tell him how much they cost and that's it.

We frequently use sights like and  We're on SouthWest airlines mailing list, so when they run deals, we know. In general though, I use Priceline for most of our hotels since we can "name our own price" and I use sidestep to narrow down flight choice. It's all about shopping around.
We set aside every year 5K for travel. Sometimes we can make that spread into multiple trips, and sometimes we make it into a bigger trip.
I know not everyone can afford to save that much every year, but even if you can save $ 1000 you can travel.

So I encourage you all to start looking. Start planning. Even a little weekend getaway. It's so good for your soul. For you relationship. It makes life feel a little less chaotic.

On that note 46 more days till Florida. sqeeeeeeeeee.