Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to admit this. but On Friday night we almost ran. Ran from what you ask? well after tsunami warnings, and now radiation warnings, it was getting to be too much. We live some 4000 miles away from Japan, but yet we're getting just as many hazardous threats and "GET OFF THE WEST COAST NOW!" media spilling's it was just starting to be too much. C approached me on Thursday evening about leaving. He said he absolutely felt for our safety and the safety of our future children, we needed to go on a little road trip and get out of town for a few days. I wasn't thinking much of it, until he started reading to me all the information about what was to come our way. And then? He showed me all the sold out airline tickets leaving PDX. That's when it hit me. I was afraid. I was worried we were being stupid with our lives. I wanted to get out asap. And so we made a few calls to my mom, who then of course freaked out too, and told her we were heading out for a few days.

I had a personal training class Thursday night that I couldn't cancel ( although seems so stupid to go with the mind set I was in!)I spoke with C on the phone on the way there and back, and we were making lists to get things ready. After my class, I headed home, and came back to a level mind.After doing some more research we decided to see how much radiation they were detecting in Los Angele's first since it was due to hit there on Friday and us on Sunday. It was a horrible night of sleep, but when we got up on Friday morning, results showed minor amounts. Now, I don't necessarily believe everything the government says, so I found a few local sources who stated the same thing. So in conclusion we decided to stay home. We figured as long as we stayed indoors as much as possible the next few days we would be fine.

This all seems a bit silly now how freaked out we got, but it was eye opening. We worked as a team, and were on the same page the whole way through. That leaves me hope that in case of a real life emergency we'll be good to go. We're prepared.

I just hope nothing big comes our way for the next few days since C has a really bad sore throat and a strained muscle in his back. :(


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Um...not silly at all-I was scared for you!!! Glad everything' okay...minus C's throat and back. Give him a massage!