Monday, August 23, 2010


If you haven't noticed already, I gave my blog a "fall" make over. I've been playing with a few ideas for a couple weeks now, and knew I wanted to incorporate fall, but I wasn't quite ready to go all orange, red and black. So I went on a different spectrum and made it "Shabby Fall"

I may tweak a few things here and there, but it'll be nice to look at for the next 4 months, and then I'll swing into Christmas gear...( holly crap, Christmas? really? It's coming so soon!)

Also, some big and exciting news.

I think C and I have finally agreed on when we'd like to start the process of getting married....(again) We're very seriously toying with the idea of New Years Eve, and inviting all of our close friends and family to Portland to ring in the new year and to celebrate our transition into a new, better, year. We both I agreed not to stress over any details while we're working on our Halloween season, but once things calm down in the first week or two, we're going to set something in stone.

We have decided to either throw the party on New Years or elope some place tropical and have a reception sometime next year.

Again, we're not doing anything huge, because of all the money we lost last year, I'm just looking forward to finally making our commitments and start focusing on building our family.

I wont have internet or computer access for the next few days as we make our transition into California, but once we get everything up and going I'll be sure to post about our trip!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I think my very heart filled, sad blogging days are passing by. I'm starting to look forward to our trip down south now, in anticipation of our business opening.

We scored some amazing marketing deals this year, which was all thanks to yours truly. I love when I can come up with a idea that nobody thinks we can get to happen, and then you know what? I talk, and talk and talk and make it happen. Once we get opened I can share what those deals are, but for now, I have to stay mum about it, because we do have competition, and they could possibly see my FB page, which has a link to this blog. And I'm smart like that to watch my back :)

In addition to making deals, we've also secured all of our hired help. That was a big stress weighing in on me, since I don't have a lot of time to interview. There is still one variable, with someones schedule, but I think we'll get it worked out.

We finally got the phone call yesterday about our apartment of choice. It's in a really good area, and close to our location, plus they take dogs up to 100 lbs which was a huge deal for us!

They dont have a lot of availability, and they're a little higher on the price scale, but in our opinion it's worth it.
We got a 1 bed 1 bath which is def a change for us, since we have over 2000 sq ft in our current house, but we'll make it work.

I'm on the hunt in our house for what we can bring and what has to stay. For instance, instead of buying a bed down there, and spending money we don't have right now, we're taking our guest bedroom bed. We're also taking a few pieces o furniture I've redone, like a TV stand, night stand and a coffee table. 

We still need to find a couch, because there is no way in hell I'm moving our beast down 1 flight of very narrow stairs and up another flight of stairs into our apartment. It sort of grosses me out that I'm going to buy a used couch, but I have a carpet and upholstery shampoo machine, so I'll be able to get it clean, and then just buy a washable couch cover.

We bought plastic dishes at Target, so that's one less thing I need to take out of my kitchen. However, I love to bake in the fall, and I especially love having 150 cast members to bake for, so I'll be taking all of my baking utensils. Plus whatever every day stuff we'll need.

Everything is going smooth, C and I are both on board, both helping each other out, both accomplishing our to do list, and we're doing it together. That's a big step from last year, a HUGE one.

All is right in our world right now, and I can't ask for more then that.

Friday, August 13, 2010

2 WEEKS...

In 2 weeks we'll begin our journey back down to California for another Halloween season. I will be packing up all of the bare essentials and leaving the rest behind. My bed will not have anyone to lay on it for 3 whole months. The TV we had to save for 6 months, will not have any use. The fridge and freezer will be emptied, the cable turned off. The potted herbs that are growing so well will be carted down to a new state, where the heat will more then likely kill them.

The windows will be shut and locked, and when we return, they will not be opened since it will be nearly winter time. The water will come out slightly brown because it hasn't been ran for some time. The house will lack any warmth, any love, and any of us.

Spencer wont get to run with his best friend Oscar ( the neighbor dog) My favorite little girl will be bigger, and taller and have to get used to me again . There will be houses actually built in the field Spencer used to run so freely in.

I will miss our gym, that we frequent 3 days a week plus a boot camp. I wont have boot camp.

I will be spending more money on groceries, house payments, and sales tax. Gas will be more expensive. Our AC bill will be through the roof because Sacramento summers last until October and usually hover around 98 degrees on a cool day.

I wont have my own computer, just C's work computer. I wont have my own office, bathroom or 3 stories. I wont be able to watch all my favorite shows since we wont have cable, and chances are I wont have time for Cooking and baking will slowly die down, since my kitchen will be small and I wont have the energy after a 14 hour work day and lots of heavy lifting.

Having a business posts challenges and lots of changes. Carlos is reading a book; Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And in that book he says " you can't be afraid of change or you will fail. Failure is essential in business, everyone must fail in order to succeed"

So to me he says, be afraid of change, let yourself fail. It's okay. It will only help you in the long run, it will only help you grow and become more successful.

But what he doesn't know is; I'm not afraid of my business, I'm afraid of my life. I'm afraid of what was suppose to be. I'm afraid of our old cast asking too many questions that will inevitability break me down. I'm afraid people will think differently of me, and not see me as the person in charge. They will see my weakness, and take advantage of me. Or worse yet, they will feel sorry for me.

So please, during my journey down to another year of Halloween madness, say a prayer for me. Send me your kind words, encouragement, and support. I will need every last ounce of it.

 There are positives to every situation, and I'm trying so hard to see them all.

I am grateful, I am loved, I have support and that's all that matter in the end.