Monday, July 9, 2012

The Truth

I admit, I'm nothing in the blog, Twitter & Facebook category during the Summer. I just can't seem to ever catch up. I develop relationships with people both online and in real life, and once May/June hit? I'm no where to be found. I can barely make time to clean my home, or to take my dog on his 2 mile walk that he oh, so desperately needs. We work during the Summer and Fall and we're "off" work during the Winter and Spring. The truth is, people don't understand our life, they don't understand how we have made inconsistency our norm, because this is what we've known for the last 10 years.

What gets me more emotional then anything is not keeping up with my pregnancy updates.I wanted so badly to have these updates for 20 years down the road. To remember each and every moment and all I have are the memories that are stored in my brain. I know I'll lose thought on those small things and that just eats me alive.

I am so blessed to be able to have 5 solid months off during the year. We get to travel, relax and have down time, whereas other people we know get 2 days off a week and 2 weeks per year. That was never a life for me. Although I'm sure my 60 hour work weeks for 3 months with zero days off might not appeal to others.

All in all, this post is just a reminder that I am blessed with the life I have. I'm busy, and sometimes overwhelmed, but this is what I chose and I'm so glad I did. 4 weeks until my sweet baby comes, and that 4 weeks of maternity leave couldn't come soon enough.