Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacations, Weddings & Family

Holy smokes has it been a crazy few months. We've been in and out of different cities faster then I can say "where are we?" It's a good thing, really.. but all the little things I've wanted to document have slipped away.

When I got pregnant, I told myself we'll slow down in the travel department, because I have to document every! last! moment! of this pregnancy for fear that it might not happen again. But then other desires popped up and I told myself I have to live each moment and travel as much as we possibly can because our lives are not going to be just about us anymore and those sporadic, "let's fly to Vegas in 2 days!" just wont cut it. So traveling we've done and now I can honestly say, I'm SO ready for this baby.

I haven't had a chance to edit our baby shower photos or any of the vacations photos just yet, but I'll be working on that tonight and should have a few posts for this week before we gear up for a very busy day for us, also known as the 4th of July.

We did have a chance to get the 3/4D photos done of the little monster baby and while it's a tad creepy to see your babies face I have to say my baby? is so darn cute! :)

I give you, baby Schollar.
baby schollar

This was displayed at our baby shower and everyone absolutely loved it! Although I must admit, we now have more Team Blue then Team Pink at this point.

Enjoy friends, I'll be back with loads more photos!