Tuesday, July 10, 2012

36 weeks

This is probably my last pregnancy post unless I can miraculously find an extra 10 minutes that I'm not sleeping or working to write a "final" post. We have so much going on, if you couldn't tell from my last blog post. We're gearing up for our Halloween season with all the parades, fairs, corn planting, etc.. going on it's been a whirlwind since May. We've had our share of travel to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oregon and Washington and with a full work load there haven't been many times I could just sit and write out any thoughts, let alone take any pregnancy pictures.

Let's get to the belly talk. I had a major growth spurt right around 30 weeks resulting in lots of backaches, leg cramps, and busting out of all my pregnancy clothing. I literally had to scramble and get more tank tops from target ( my faav are the long and lean in XL!)and lots of maxi skirts and dresses to get me by.

A comparison shot.. compare copy

I'm in no way fit in any of the above photos but you can see where I started and where I'm at now. I feel like with the growth spurt I got more wide versus moving outward which could mean girl according to lots of old wives tales, but we shall see....

How far along:

36 weeks to the day. I'm in the home stretch people! The doctor says baby is head down and ready to go, it's just a waiting game from here. She wont check dilation until 37 weeks which leaves me SO curious to see just where we're at.

How are you feeling:

I'd say for 36 weeks I'm doing fantastic. I'm no longer suffering from headaches but have replaced those with quite a few backaches and acid reflux. I still feel very blessed in the fact that I can control all of the above with a hot bath and icy hot and a little tums or Pep ac. I haven't had to run to the doctor to get any prescriptions or complain which I consider a win.


ice cold Gatorade and Capri drinks. I'm sure the 100 degree heat has something to do with that.

Weight gain/loss:

At my doctor apt this morning I was up 36.5 lbs. I'm not entirely proud of that number as I had a goal to not go over 30, but I am proud of a healthy baby and I would take 80lbs for the little love bug. Weight Watchers is calling my name soon though...


I've got a rib kicking, bladder punching machine. I can tell baby is getting much stronger because now the kicks and punches make me jump out of my seat. I've also been feeling a lot of pressure in my nether regions when I stand up or roll over in bed. Baby is gearing up to come down!


We'll see in August!

What I'm loving:

We have all of our must have baby items at the house and 50% of it, is set up. I washed all the clothes and blankets and set up the bath supplies. Sometimes I pull a blanket out of the dresser and just smell it, and it literally makes me tear up to think this will be wrapped around my very own baby soon. I'm trying to soak up the last few weeks of being pregnant and hoping to start really convincing myself that birth IS coming, and soon. I just feel so blessed, so happy and so loved to be on this journey.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Looking good Mama! I was just thinking last night that I don't even remember what my belly looked like so be happy you're taking shots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about > "36 weeks" < Loved it!

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