Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wedding Photos Revealed

We've had our wedding photos for weeks. I mentioned before that we couldn't post anything because both parents check in on our blog and we had books made for Mother Day.

I can say first hand I absolutely LOVE our photos and I'm so glad we found our amazing photographer. If or when we ever get back to Maui I will absolutely be booking a family session with her. She was a complete natural and made us feel so comfortable. When we're doing photos I like when the photographer takes charge and gets us into positions that just flow. While I like the natural approach as well, there needs to be a balance of both.

Without further ado; Some of our favorite images.







(I just had a wave go up my butt. HA!)



There are so many more, but these were a few of our favorites! I definitely need to do a few outtake photos. My husband lost his flipflop and I was his savior. I stomped my way into the ocean to get it. Waves we're pounding in during our pictures and lets just say my dress is a bit see through when wet ;)

huge props to our photographer Mariah!


LWLH said...

Your photograpaher did an amazing job...your pictures are gorgeous girl!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

LOVE the one of you with your flowers and you two playing in the ocean! Great photos.

Liz said...

Such great photos! We did a vow renewal for our 5 yr anniv. in Maui last year and took some pics like these (I always wanted a beach wedding, but for family reasons, didn't get it). LOVE your dress and flowers!