Friday, May 11, 2012

27 weeks

This week has been both insane and mundane. I worked 2- 12 hour days and then I've had work at home days the rest of the week. My to do list always seems a mile long and yet I find myself walking in circles wondering what the heck I should do. I'm thinking I'm a tad overwhelmed and throw a little guilt on the fact that I'm not doing as much as my husband and other crew members it just makes an emotional Krystie.

I had my first pregnancy melt down last night. It was so silly and looking at it now I can't believe I fell into the ugly cry for 2 hours. You see;My husband and our friend we're suppose to be here at 7 for dinner. I made sure to get the house cleaned up, and cut up a millions melons and make homemade enchiladas. I just wanted them both to come home to a hot meal and a clean house after working in a warehouse all day long. I got a text at 7pm saying they we're running late but were going to leave in 30 minutes. No big deal, I could hold off putting the dinner in the oven. Then I get a second text message saying they just left at 7:30pm. I put the dinner in the oven. By this time, I'm absolutely starving but holding off on any snacks. I know the drive takes 30 minutes and I expected them to walk in the door at 8:00. They didn't end up getting home until after 8:30 and I lost my shit. I was pissed off that dinner was now cold. I was pissed off that nobody texted to tell me they we're stopping at Costco for bottled water ( that we very much needed) and I was pissed off that they both thought it was funny that I was that upset over 30 minutes ( which was actually 1 hour and 30 minutes.) My husband ended up getting in the shower and realizing I was upset and he came to comfort me. It wasn't my proudest moment and I've now decided pregnancy hormones are the devil.

Moving on. My bump is now huge and there is zero definition of ribs vs boobs vs belly. I feel like everything just meshes together with how high baby and my uterus seemed to be sitting.

27 weeks
( looking glamorous this week eh? I haven't been out of my jammies for 2 days)
And because I'm starting to get the belly button question, here she is in all her glory. I can't believe I'm posting this.
27 weeks bare
The belly button is getting very shallow but I still have doubts it will fully pop out. I have a reallllly deep belly button

How far along:

27 weeks and 3 days. I'm officially a 3rd trimester and it feels so good to have made it this far. I'm loving pregnancy again and not wishing it away this week. ( that could change next week, ha!)My baby is super active and I love waking up to the kicks and movement we've been getting. This morning, my belly was completely lopsided and both C and I couldn't help but laugh.

How are you feeling:

Headache free this week! I had my glucose test a few days ago and that was absolutely miserable. I was told to go to a specific office only to get there and have them tell me I needed to be there 1 hour sooner because my test would interfere with their lunch. I ended up driving 30 minutes away to the next office and had 20 people ahead of me. They wouldn't start my test until I was next on the line which I found ridiculous. Once the test was started they had a hard time getting my veins to cooperate. It took 3 needles in one arm and then they ended up going through my hand. Ouch! The drink itself? Not so bad. I had the orange flavor and brought a cup of ice and a straw to make it go down faster. It tasted like an overly sweetened sunkist soda. I thought I would only be in there for the house but the technician informed me that all glucose test in California are 2 hours. Greeeeeat. I have 8 needles pokes total and now I look like a drug user, ha!


I'm having major food aversions to meat lately and so I've been on a ritz cracker and American cheese kick. I'm also loving frozen lemonades ( Hello 100 degree weather!)and fruit.

Weight gain/loss:

24 lbs. No gain this week, thank god. I'm sure it's my appetite that has decreased and that thanksgiving stuffed feeling after just a small amount, but with the huge growth spurt, I thought for sure I'd tip the scale.


so much movement and now it's pretty routine. I know that first thing in the morning (between 5:30am and 6;30am)baby is very active. I always grab C's hand in his half sleepy daze and put it on my belly so he has baby interaction. Right before lunch, right before dinner and just as I lay in bed baby wiggles, flips, kicks, and moves.I absolutely love the bonding experience I'm getting through all of this and I'll surely miss all of these blissful moments when baby comes out.


We'll see in August!

What I'm loving:

All the rsvp's coming in for the baby shower and our short 4-day business trip coming up in 3 days. Have I mentioned the insane work hours lately? My husband leaves the house at 9:30am and if I'm lucky he is home at 10pm. 1 night he didn't get home until 1:30am. I miss him! I went shopping with a blog and twitter friend turned in real life friend and was able to get 2 cute dresses. I can't wait to put my maxi on for a work event and a nice evening out with my mother in law and husband. Feeling very blessed this week despite my emotional outburst and my crazy work hours!


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