Friday, May 11, 2012

26 weeks

I know I JUST posted my 25 week post but let's just pretend I'm on time, okay? okay. This week I've been down with another migraine ( that makes 2 in 2 weeks) ugh. They really knock me down, and I'm not sure what else to do. I monitor my salt and sugar intake which is normally the initiating factor for me. I've now upped my dose of magnesium to 1000mgs and the doctor gave me a prescription that has a high dose of Tylenol and caffeine. We'll see how both play out. We're gearing up for some busy weeks coming up, which I'm both dreading and looking forward to. It's all work related and while we love what we do, a lot of my responsibilities have been put on someone else. My husband and crew members will not let me lift a finger to move, lift, paint, nothing! It's hard when you feel your limited but also makes me feel so blessed.

On my 25 week post I missed out on my weekly picture. I really try to make sure I get one since I want to eventually put all of these posts in a baby book. But let's just say last week I didn't blow dry my hair or put on make up the entire week. It was hot, we were working, I was down for the count or I just threw on a hat. I really was looking a hot mess. This week I'm trying to make an effort!
26 weeks ( My date night outfit that I ended up changing out of because I felt I looked like a blob)

How far along:

26 weeks 2 days. Officially 6 months pregnant. I now have less then 100 days to go until my due date. I do realize my due date could be right on par of 2 weeks off, but it's still mind blowing. I'm starting to get the I just wanna hold my baby itch. I'm trying SO hard not to wish my pregnancy away and really, I LOVE being pregnant. But having more then 5 shirts in my wardrobe and not having to huff and puff when trying to shave my legs sounds fabulous. Still trucking along though!

How are you feeling:

Have I mentioned migraines? They are the absolute devil. I'm getting winded a bit more and it's definitely allergy season. The amount of tissues we go through right now is insane. I also have a "pirate eye" which is my flaming red eye that is watery and itchy all day long. Sleeping is hit or miss. I cradle myself in between 2 body pillows, one on each side. When I have to roll over, I grab our blankets in a wad to help lift me up and do a big ol' flip to the other side. It's really quite comical and thinking ahead how much bigger this belly is going to get makes me feel like I need a crane.

Side note, I'm switching the stretchmark question to a cravings question. I have stretch marks, you know that. They're not going anywhere.


Hansen's root-beer soda and good ol' coke a cola. I've also been loving Popsicle and Trader Joes pasta and sauce.

Weight gain/loss:

24 lbs. I'm averaging 1-3 lbs a week depending on the week.I've been noticing I'm really hungry for lunch but eating smaller breakfast and dinner. The late night bowl of cereal has stopped but I've added in another snack right before dinner. My doctor says I'll more the likely maintain or lose weight in my 3rd trimester. The baby is sitting high, so my insides are getting squished resulting in me getting full very fast and feeling out of breath after my meal.


We've had a bit of a slow down this week. Baby is still kicking and squirming away but not in the usual time frame. It had me worried for a few days because the movement decreased so much. After observing for a few days the moving hasn't really decreased per say, but just changed times. Now baby is more active in the middle of the day when I'm working and around 3:30am-4:30am. This probably means my kid is never going to sleep at night. Joy.


We'll see in August!

What I'm loving:

Baby shower invites are out!There was also a facebook page set up for rsvping. Gotta love technology! We put in our request for a garage unit at our apartment to start storing baby gear. I found our Bob stroller online for $175 cheaper then I found them anywhere else plus free shipping. I'm really wanting to order that baby and have that as one big item off our list. I booked out maternity and newborn session and scheduled us for our 3d/4d ultrasound. We initially weren't going to do them, but our doctors office was offering a great deal and since we likely will not have another ultrasound unless there is a medical reason to do so, we opted to have a few more photos of the stubborn cute little baby. I ordered a few more summer outfits from kohls and old navy and they cannot come soon enough. My maternity shorts from Hawaii just aren't cutting it any longer. All in all it's been a good week and I love having things done off our list.


Liz said...

I think that dress is super cute! Not blob-ish at all!

I'd like to think that the change in movement is a growth spurt. I notice sometimes I get really hungry, then the baby stops moving as much (probably sleeping and packing on pounds - or ounces) and then gets really active for a few days again.