Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer Time Blues And Clothing Woes

I"m really missing Oregon right now. I knew once I got that postive test back in December that It was going to be a long Summer. I just didn't think Summer would come this early.

You see, I kind of got accustomed to Oregon Spring. If you have no idea about the pacific northwest weather, well let me just tell you a bit about that beauty. It could rain, snow, sleet or hail all in the matter of minutes. A gorgeous 80 degree day? Can snow that night. I love it. I love the warm Spring days mixed in with the chilly cool nights. I'm not ready for 100 degree days. I'm especially not ready when almost 7 months pregnant. Can you hear me whining? Would you like to send me some cheese? I'm miserably hot over here guyyyyyys.

I've been to 4 stores in the last few weeks looking for maternity shorts. Except all of our local stores ( Target, Kohls, Jcpennys, Old Navy) doesn't have any. Or better yet, they have 1 style in 1 size ( XS. Who wears an XS while pregnant? I hate you right now. I kid, I kid.)

So I did the next best thing and ordered some online. In fact, I ordered 10 pieces of clothing from Kohls and when it arrived? I sobbed. Every single piece needed to be returned. It was too big, too small, too frumpy. Same goes with my Old Navy order. The fact of the matter for me, is that I have to try it on. I'm way to picky about the way my outfits fit and I refuse to keep buying things online only to turn around and have to return them.

So my fellow mamas. Where are you getting your maternity clothes? Am I too early for Summer to demand my fave stores carry more then 1 style of shorts?


Liz said...

You're not going to like this answer, but maternity shorts in general are not going to look good. I've tried. I don't typically look great in shorts anyway, so instead, I've opted to wear a lot of skirts, dresses, and sometimes leggings. I own maybe two or three pairs of shorts that fit but I don't wear them out of the house because they look awful. And when you hit the swelling phase of pregnancy, even your knees and thighs change and you probably won't want to wear them anyway. So basically, I'm saying forget shorts. Invest in some dresses and skirts, and decent (breathable) underwear.

Happy Wife said...

Hey love! Sorry for just now getting back to you and your blog!
But I'm here now :)
OH the joys of dressing a pregnant body!

This is where I went...
H&M, Ross, Old Navy, Target
But honestly, I only ended up buying a handful of maternity clothes.
H&M has long tank tops, that ended up being super flattering on a pregnant chick like me with curves, as well as my pregnant friend who's super thin. Check them out. I bought one pair of pregnant jeans from Macy's, and they ended up being the only pant I wore. Other than that, like Liz said, I'd invest in skirts and dresses.
Again though, the dresses that I purchased were not maternity dresses. Just stretchy, cover your bum dresses that I paired with leggings.
If you find jeans or leggings that do fit, you could always cut them into shorts as well...
Gosh this is a long comment :)
Anyway, don't stress, there really are ways to dress your pregnant self that are cheep and cute!
If you need any help just email me!

Hope you're not too hot today!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Luckily, I made it w/o having to buy shorts. I wore/wear 2 pairs of mesh shorts and I had one pair of elastic khakis I was able to wear. Hope you find something soon!