Wednesday, May 2, 2012

25 Weeks

Keeping with the late posting. I have no excuses just busy.

I looked at my pregnancy app on my iphone and it said I had 15 weeks left ( on Tuesday) and then I died. 15 weeks is nothing, and with a packed Summer schedule I know the next few weeks are gonna fly by. Not too much to report on this week, as we're just working away. We had an amazing weekend despite our car troubles and soaked in as much sunshine as possible. This week? Rain. I guess you just never know how the weather is going to change.

Not much difference in the belly department this week. I think different outfits make me look bigger then others. In fact, I didnt even get a chance to get an official belly picture so these few instagram pics will have to do.

25 weeks 6 days

25 weeks 6 days

How far along:

25 weeks 2 days in this photo. I'm almost 6 months pregnant. Isn't it funny how pregnancy weeks work? I'm so confused and therefore have a little guide held up by magnets on our fridge so when people ask I can say I'm 5.8 months pregnant, etc. I guess essentially if you count by months we're almost 10 months pregnant in all, but what women wants to hear that?

How are you feeling:

I had to stay home from our work day on Tuesday due to a mild migraine. I'm not sure what the cause was, but it wasn't fun and nothing I did seemed to take the edge off. Other then that I'm doing great! Peeing all the time as usual, and still feeling very full after every meal despite how little I eat. It's usually always after dinner when it happens which is also when baby is the most active. My guess is the baby moved up and sits in a position squishing my stomach and makes me feel winded and overly full.


Yep.Not much I can do about genetics.

Weight gain/loss:

23 lbs on the dot. Doctor says I'm doing great so we'll just stick with that. I'm still tracking calories and watching the junk food intake.


The baby now has very active times throughout the day. I'd say the most active is right after dinner, before bed and from 6am-8am. Kicks and rolls start and she wont sit still until I roll over or get up. It's pretty funny and so amazing to feel. C can now put his hand on my belly and she'll start kicking right away. Also, in the morning we get that very strong heart beat right where she is kicking and I still can't figure out if it's mine, or the babes placenta. Also; hiccups! normally, right after lunch I'll feel a series of "pops" and then I think she gets mad or uncomfortable and moves up and they stop. So cute!


We'll see in August!

What I'm loving:

I"m looking forward to our busy Summer and soon enough having a baby to hold. I've been getting emotional just looking at my side of the bed where I know my baby will be sleeping next to me ( not IN bed with me, but in a rock and play sleeper)Opening up our big box of diapers to organize and hanging itty bitty baby clothes on itty bitty hangers. I'm doing a lot of research this week on our vaccine schedule and also booked my maternity photo shoot in June and our newborn session in August. I'm just over the moon excited and can't help but fall more in love with my husband everyday for blessing me with this gift.
Despite some aches and pains, pregnancy has been a breeze for me and already knowing it's going to be over soon makes me both happy to lose the baby weight but sad that my little will no longer be inside of me. C and I have been in talks about when we'll start trying for a second and possibly and 3rd and then came the discussion of surrogacy. It's something I would love to do, for someone else who has suffered from infertility as I have, but it all depends on how my next babies go and how easy ( or not) it is for me to gt pregnant again. At least the idea is thrown out there and we'll just see how it goes. We're happy, healthy and very loved :)