Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We've laid out the rest of our traveling schedule before baby S arrives. I've had a major travel itch since we got home from Hawaii and I haven't been able to shake it. Unfortunately, we have a budget we have to stick to, you know...to pay the bills. So we've been home. Last year we were able to do lots of little trips, snowboarding, beach, Seattle, etc. So not having the ability to just pack up our bags and head out for a weekend has been BORING.

Anyhow, onto the good stuff.

Our first smallish business trip will be down to Southern California in the middle of May. My mother in law won a state wide award for her division through her county job and they are flying and paying for her trip down to Los Angeles to accept and attend some seminars. We decided to support her and head down to attend her award ceremony and take her out to dinner since it is mothers day after all. In the mean time, we are picking up a few new props for our 2012 season in Vegas. Just quick 3 day trip but at least we'll be out of this tiny shack apartment.

Our second travel adventure takes place the first week in June. We'll be flying into Vegas for our yearly summer trip. We don't ever gamble but enjoy seeing shows, hanging out by the pool, people watching etc. I'm looking forward to relaxing with my husband on a sort of baby-moon.


We're staying at the Flamingo hotel which is one of our favorite hotels on the strip. They have one of the best pools around and easy access to everything on the strip. Also the coconut smell? so lovely, especially in the summer.

We always try and see a few shows while we're there and it will be no different this time. In the Vegas heat ( 110 degrees anyone?) I'm sure I wont be doing too much walking at 8 months pregnant.

We'd like to see Peepshow


And a Cirque Du Soleil show " O "


We'll probably walk the strip when it cools down at night and do a bit of shopping, watch the Bellagio fountain show lots of frozen ( non alcoholic) drinks and a whole lot of relaxing.

The last big travel on our list is to head back to Oregon and Washington for a few weeks in June. We'll be staying with my mom in Oregon and then heading up to Washington for our friends wedding. I'm looking forward to going home for a bit and seeing my family!

We have so much to look forward to this Summer and it just can't come soon enough! I"m having a blast planning a few little things to kill time in boring ol' April and plan to soak up as much time with my husband as " just the two of us" as I can. Soon enough we'll have a teeny, beautiful little baby to take with us!


LWLH said...

I can't wait to travel this summer too!