Saturday, April 21, 2012

24 Weeks

Slacking again but what else is new? This week was far more adventurous then last. We made big headway on getting some work stuff ironed out and we're now back to working a 40 hour work week with big deadlines coming very quickly. The weather made a big 180 which went from 60 degrees and raining to 90 degrees and the AC on. After our crazy week I booked a 1 night trip up to our favorite mountain town in South Lake Tahoe just to help us unwind and relax before the next few weeks. Unfortunately we drove the 2 hours up there, stopped at the north shore of the lake to walk around and my radiator exploded. A quick call to AAA and 110 miles of a tow later, we were back home. It was unfortunate but what can you do?

Moving onto the baby.

24 weeks 4 days

Ridiculous growth this week. All my clothes are feeling uncomfortable and I've worn a lot of sundresses this week. I bought 3 pairs of shorts before Hawaii and even those are feeling tight in all the wrong places, so I might need to make a mini shopping trip to pick up a few more summer essentials.

How far along:

24 weeks 4 days in this photo. Hitting the 25 week mark on Tuesday is INSANE to me. How the heck did I get this far? I know I say that every week but oh my word. Soaking it all in.

How are you feeling:

Feeling good. The hot weather has been interesting and has certainly given me a small glimpse into my near future. I've been sweaty, out of breath and a little uncomfortable right after our walks or after a warm shower. Something else to note? being full after every single meal. I don't just mean satisfied, I mean Thanksgiving STUFFED after a bowl of cereal.I guess that's good indication I'm carrying this baby high and my insides are getting more squished. Something else to note that's come back with a vengeance. Constipation. It's not glamorous but it's there. I have a doctor appointment this week and I'm gonna cave and ask for colace. I can't stomach the prune juice and I drink at least 8 bottles of water a day ( plus milk, Gatorade, cherry Coke, etc)


Yep. And now I have them on my upper thighs. Still white. Still annoying but not much I can do about genetics.

Weight gain/loss:

up 19lbs and now tracking calories. Before you get all " you don't need to lose weight" on me. I'm not trying to lose weight. I'm trying to monitor my intake to see where I'm at. As you know, I was on Weight Watchers before I got pregnant, and still really depended on the point system. My brain wasn't trained yet to cycle through how many calories this is, or how big of a portion to put on my plate. I'm trying to find a balance of feeling okay with my eating and the weight gain from baby. I'm doing what's healthy and have the okay from my doctor and my husband to monitor my intake as long as I'm still having a small gain each week.


We have a lot of movement on some days and then quiet days on others. It does make my mama heart worry but I know baby is still healthy and doing just fine. I'm loving the outside show we get most nights and can't wait for a few of our friends to be able to feel kicks when I place their hands on my belly.


We'll see in August!

What I'm loving:

We had our hospital tour on Monday and I immediately had anxiety when I walked in. I have such a fear that the nurses are going to pressure me into things I don't want and they're going to drug my child to no end. I'm not sure why I feel this way, but for me it's very serious. Getting a chance to view the rooms and meet some of the nurses, I did feel a bit relieved. Knowing we have a Doula and my very strong willed husband also helps me to relax about the hospital birth process. We made the decision to just have my husband and Doula in the room with us, while our family is in the waiting room. I think that removes some stress from us about who can be allowed, etc. We're making progress on a few baby projects ( our changing table, dresser, etc) and looking forward to our baby shower in June and finishing up our shopping in Oregon. I've been a little emotional thinking about my journey and all who follow. This wasn't an easy road for us to get here and I feel so blessed. Trying to find the balance of sharing our journey and keeping my excitement at bay is hard. I know too many people who have lost babies or who haven't been able to get pregnant and my heart aches every day for them. I don't wish infertility on my worst enemy, but at the same time, That's a road a lot of people are going down and in the end, when you finally get that positive test it makes that road SO worth it.
So in the end, all is well with us. We have a busy week, with a doctors appointment coming up. Have a great rest of the weekend! I'll be pool side :)


LWLH said...

You look great girl, you can def see more of a bump this week. :)