Wednesday, April 11, 2012

23 Weeks

If you read my last post then you know it's been a blah blah blah kind of week. Even though it's technically "Spring" we're having a late winter, and so we're sort of in a funk and not sure how to spend our time. Every activity we throw out as an idea ends up with...But you're pregnant, so we shouldn't. I'm not complaining, because I would take this pregnancy, and this baby over any other thing in this world but dang. I'm bored! ;) I guess I need to read adjust my standards here. Anyhow. Baby is huge. I mean, I need help getting out of bed, can no longer shave my legs without huffing and puffing and all I want to do is sit in my comfy leather chair, with my feet propped up eating cherry vanilla ice cream.

23 weeks

Side note. that cardigan was purchased in December and was too big to wear. Now, it does not button. Not even a little.

How far along:

23 weeks 1 day. and yet again, I missed my 22 week post. I had good intentions, you see...It's all written out, but the photo is nonexistent because of the crap weather. We're either dressed for the rain, or trying to wrangle the dog to stay out of the mud. It's not pretty, and therefore the pic? didn't happen.
I'm now officially in the countdown mode. 16 weeks 6 days left feels like such a huge milestone, and yet, so far away.

How are you feeling:

I am feeling absolutely awesome. A few allergies here and there, but nothing that Benadryl can't fix. I'm headache free, I have energy for more then 20 minutes and food is my best friend. We're still walking 2 to 3 miles a day, which I plan to continue up until my feet will take no more ( see also: 100 degree weather that's sure to come)


No change. Same ol' same ol'

Weight gain/loss:

The scale and I aren't friends. I'm at the point where I should probably just put it away until I'm ready to lose baby weight. I dread every lb ( or 5) that shows up and it literally make my heart stop when it's 4lbs more then I expected. I eat healthy,i'm exercising and baby is healthy. That's all that matters, right?


Lots of it. But sometimes baby gets stubborn and doesn't move in her normal times. Then my mama worry comes out and I quickly drink some caffeine hoping to try and wake her up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The other morning she kicked me so hard, I put C's hand on my belly. Within seconds, she moved and we felt a VERY strong heart beat. I'm not sure how, or why that happened, but it was completely different then my pulse, so I know it was baby. I can now see the baby move on the outside, especially at night when I first get into bed. It makes my heart melt and I cannot hide the ear to ear smile that pops up on my face. Such an amazing thing for me! Absolutely my favorite part of pregnancy so far.


I still vote girl, but we'll see in August!

What I'm loving:

So much movement going on this week and we have hired a doula for the birth! She was an immediate fit, and came highly recommended. To seal the deal, she actually works at the birth center here in town as their doula/RN. We also loved that she has backup in case she's at another birth, etc. We have also been researching more baby items, and even bought baby their first outfit. It's a little surf sweatshirt and matching shirt from target. It came from the boy section but can totally be turned girly with a headband bow. I'm researching Bradly classes which is a 12 weeks program ( yikes!) and natural birthing classes held through our hospital ( 6 classes total) We have our hospital tour next week and hopefully we'll have narrowed down info on our baby shower.


Ashley said...

HI! I came over from twitter! My husband and I went to hypnobirthing classes to prepare for a natural birth. My daughter's birth was the best and most empowering experience of my life. You are Sooo cute and I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. I am planning to have my next baby at home...but the first was in a baby friendly/pro natural and bf hospital. Nice to "meet" you :))

Adrienne said...

Congratulations! That is so, so exciting! You're totally cute :)