Tuesday, April 10, 2012


* It's been a lazy, boring, and uneventful week in our house. We picked up a new work schedule to start some big projects and had that come to a halt when the landlords of our warehouse decided to be difficult and change the rules on us. It's a lot to get into, but we're praying right now they let us back in our building before August 1st to start designing our sets. We wont know anything for another few days, which is leaving us cramped up into a little tiny apartment with nothing to do.

* We're finally on a budget and sticking to it. We've always "free spent" and then reined ourselves in when money was getting tighter ( especially at the start of our busy season)But we decided with a baby on the way, and expanding our business we needed to have a big cushion to fall back on. I can't say we're following anyone or anything in particular, but we are using the envelope/cash system. We deposit a certain amount each month, then divide accordingly. We have funds allocated to rent, food, gas, and free spending. So far, we're doing great. We even paid off my car 2 months earlier then we were suppose to!

*We've started the process of looking for a home to buy once we get back to Oregon come December. We're very particular on the house we want and have no problem renting up there until we find it. Hopefully with a lot of extra time we'll be able to find something to purchase!

* None of my underwear or bras fit anymore and I need to shop for some in a major way. I just don't even know where to start. I'm slightly mortified going into get fitted and really dreading the number on the bra tag.

*I have vacation fever. We have one trip planned to Las Vegas in June and one trip planned to Oregon/Washington in June for a wedding. We've maxed out our travel time so spending the next 2 months at home? killer. I know, I know. Cry me a river.

* A lot of my favorite bloggers are leaving blogland. It actually makes me sad. Kristal decided to stop her journey as she started a new journey in foster care. One of my favorite home blogs Holly left without notice and Heather threw out the idea she might be leaving too. Getting attached to online friends and then loosing that small peek into their lives is actually really sad for me. :(

* Who thinks we're having another baby boom? * Raises hand* I know 20 people pregnant right now, and it seems like once a week another one pops up. Something is absolutely in the water. Heck,even I got some of that baby makin water. 'tis good stuff.

* I walk 2-3 miles a day, every day. I have no idea why we started out on this mission other then trying to get our overweight turned perfect weight dog, fit. Now we can't give it up, but round ligament pain while walking? ouch. At least we're keeping active before the Sacramento summer heat sets in. Then my butt will be in the pool and no where else.

I think that about wraps up our week. Boy, are we exciting people or what? ha.