Monday, April 2, 2012

21 Weeks

It's been a big baby week over here. I've had 2 Dr appointments, and an ultrasound. Also, I feel like my belly grew even more. Although in this photo i'm not sure it shows it's hugeness. It was a rainy, yucky week, so you get the self portrait in the mirror!

21 weeks

How far along:

21 weeks 2 days. I can never seem to make my posts on time. Also, the ultrasound tech measured us at 20 weeks. I asked my Dr about it and she said at this stage in pregnancy, it's typical to have babies measure bigger or smaller but that she is still keeping our due date at August 7th. As much as an August 17th baby would be cute ( we were married on the 17th, C's birthday is on the 17th!) I'm glad to know I'm not crazy off, on my original dates.

How are you feeling:

I'm doing much better this week! I haven't had any headaches ( knock on wood) and my leg cramps seem to be doing better. I read about a few home remedies, one of which caught my eye. Putting a bar of soap in a sock at the end of your bed is suppose to help relive the restless legs. I kid you not, it works. I have NO idea why, or who even came up with that, but thank you soap gods! I've also been supplementing my prenatal with magnesium/calcium tablets. My Dr recommended this to me for both my legs and my migraines and so far, we're doing pretty good. My sleep is getting much better other then getting up to pee once or twice a night and trying to find a comfy side to lay on.


No change. Same ol' same ol'

Weight gain/loss:

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this but I'm up 12 lbs I gained almost 8 lbs in less then 3 weeks. I guess I can say I've had a big growth spurt, but holy cow! I sort of freaked at the doctors and demanded to my husband I was going to start monitoring my calorie intake. I obviously know I'm going to gain, I just figured the bulk would be in the 3rd trimester. I don't want to get too out of control so just know, I'm keeping a close eye on that scale and my waist line and plan to continue our 4 mile daily walks as well in hopes I can keep up some sort of work out routine. Lord knows I haven't stepped foot in a gym in months


We have outside movement! After we had our ultrasound, and saw my very stubborn child not wanting to move, she started waving her arms to get comfy and jammed her head right into my cervix and bladder. I felt that one! Then last night we were watching some work videos with the ipad sitting on top of the tablemy belly, and the baby started going crazy. kicks every few seconds.I put my hands on my belly and bam! I felt it from the outside. I grabbed C's hand but she must of settled down because that was the end of her show for the night. I'm feeling her move a lot more during the day and not just at night, which is awesome. I love having the reassurance that she is active and growing right on track.


We'll find out in August! My baby was very stubborn and had her legs under her belly, so the ultrasound tech wasn't "sure" if she got the sex or not, but she thinks she did. I'm glad we didn't want to know, because how annoying would that be? Still voting girl at this point, but who knows.

What I'm loving:

We started our registry at Babies r us last week after out first Dr appt got canceled.( Dr was called into emergency surgery) It was pretty cool to start seeing items that we will actually with OUR baby. C and I both go over heated so we only stayed an hour, but I think we go the essentials and I'll finish up the rest online. Also, we got 600 diapers! We've decided to go the disposable route for now until we transition into our big house in Oregon. We placed the order on and with their current sale and a coupon code I was able to get 600 diapers ranging from newborn to size 2 for .4 cents a piece. That's one hell of a deal if you ask me! Even Costco brand diapers run you .10-.12cents a piece. With free shipping and 2 day delivery? We'll absolutely be going that route until we can transition into cloth. I'm also loving all the movement, a sold heart rate of 162 and a Dr we really like. It's been a good week, and we're both soaking it all in. :)


Amy Silver said...

Congrats on the baby news! So exciting! Good for you for not finding out the sex. I'm too impatient but it always sounded like fun!

LWLH said...

Big Man insists that we don't find out the sex when we start trying but I don't know if I am that strong.

Denise Pacurar said...

You are such a cute prego mama!! I love love your boots!!! I always tell myself that when I am pregnant I don't want to find out the sex, hopefully I can resist when the time comes! I think it will be a fun surprise!!!

<3 Denise