Monday, March 5, 2012

HAWAII DAY OF TRAVEL ( Valentines day!)

I'm slightly behind on the blogging as we've had a busy week, and then 2 days of amazing sunshine and I could not bring myself to sit down and just write.

I had big plans to blog through our wedding and honeymoon in Maui, but we ended up not bringing our laptop ( we had so much other crap there was no room!) and typing a blog on the iphone or ipad is ridiculous, so we squashed that idea. I did however, write snippets so I could remember what we did and on what days we did them so when we got home I could get it all documented for us to read in the future.

I'm not sure how other people could lug around a huge camera, because I absolutely could not. We were in and out of the water so much, and had a convertible jeep we didn't feel comfortable leaving our big camera in, so a lot of our photos are through our iphone. Looking through all the blurry photos now, I sort of wish I would of just sucked it up and brought the big camera. Oh well.


The day before leaving to Maui, I had a prenatal appointment, and a hair appointment. Everything was running late ( stupid doctors that 'm now no longer with!) making me late for the next appointment and overall we had an extremely busy day. We decided to spend the night at my inlaws house so we could drop off the dog, and sleep in a little later as they live closer to the airport then we do. When we arrived my mother in law had decorated up the house, and made us dessert. I was already so tired, and exhausted from the day I really just wanted to go to bed. It was incredibly sweet what she did, and I couldn't be more thankful for a their well wishes.

ks dessert2

kscs dessert

day bay dessert

Dessert was a multi flavored sherbert ( tropical!) with fresh fruit and a wafer cookie. It was really yummy! Shortly after we got everything cleaned up we headed to bed around 12:30am only to be up for our 7am flight at 4:00am. ugh


Once our alarm went off at 4 am I was still so sleepy I could hardly pull myself from bed. I woke Carlos up to start moving, as we still had an hour drive to the airport. We loaded up the car with a few things, then got on the road around 4:30.

We got to the airport with zero traffic and proceeded to park in the economy lot. ( at $ 15 a day I don't think it was really "economy") The parking shuttle picked up up and dropped us off so we could proceed to the check in counter to Hawaiian Air. One thing that was kind of annoying was I had checked us in online the day before. I paid for bags, had the receipt and expected them to just have a bag drop off counter. We ended up having to stand in line for 30 minutes with the people checking in just to drop off bags. What the heck is the point of getting things done early if we still have to start at square 1? Annoying, really.

One of our bags ended up being 2 lbs over weight and 1 bag ended up being 4 lbs underweight so we had to switch a few things around which just made me more antsy. By this time it's 6am and I wanted to make sure we could get breakfast before our 6 hour flight.

We moved toward security, made it through with no problems and found some breakfast. We stopped at a chili's which was nearest to our gate. C got a breakfast combo of french toast, eggs and bacon. I ended up with a breakfast burrito and home fries. Both were disgusting and $30 to end with. I couldn't eat more then 3 or 4 bites before I gave up. UGH

Within 10 minutes of getting to our gate it was time to board our flight.

kc plane ride to maui

I couldn't wait to get up in the air so I could attempt a nap. So SO tired.

Once we were in the air, Hawaiian Air made the announcement they would be serving breakfast. We had NO idea as every airline we've been on in the last 5 years no longer serves food, especially for free. The attendants brought us our breakfast and wouldn't you know it? a dang breakfast burrito. YUCK. I gave mine over to C and just ate the muffin. He liked the food better then in the airport but still wasn't the best.

airplane food

5 hours and 30 minutes later ( we arrived early!) we were on the ground in Kahului. We found our bags and headed to the rental car counter where we picked up the keys to our convertible jeep. We actually didn't reserve that particular car because it was SO expensive, but they upgraded us for $24 a day which we couldn't pass up. We got the 2 door soft top, loaded up our bags and we're on our way to Wailea.

kscs jeep 1

ks jeep pose

C jeep

I decided I was starving so we looked through our Maui Revealed book and found a thai restaurant called Saengs nearby. it was pretty good, and the scenery was beautiful!

cs thai food

thai garden

Once finished we made it to our condo in Wailea called Hotel Wailea The condo was beautiful and really spacious inside ( we plan to do a condo review as we stayed in 2!) We got situated, relaxed a bit and headed up to the pool. I think we were there 3 hours, and decided to head back to our room and shower to get ready to go out to dinner.

We knew with it being Valentines Day, we'd have slim pickings for dinner without a reservation. We decided on something simple and opted for a pizza place near our condo. Matteo's pizza was decent and really good in price. We walked right in placed our order cafeteria style, and never saw a waiter/server from then on. It was sort of odd to have to ask the busboy to fill our water glass and grab us plates, etc. But we got food, it tasted good so we really couldn't complain.

kc pizza place
( horribly blurry photo!)

We were so exhausted, and headed back to the condo and got ready for bed. It was already midnight our time!

We have a lot planned for tomorrow, including getting our marriage license ( eeek!)