Monday, February 27, 2012

16 Weeks

I don't even know how I got here! 16 weeks pregnant? sheesh!

16 weeks

Belly is growing. Don't mind the crap outfit, we were headed to the beach.

I decided to start our weekly posts at this point because there really wasn't much else to share. I started to sprout a baby bump around 12 weeks or so, but I just felt fat and uncomfortable.

So moving on:

How far along

I'm 16 weeks 6 days right now, however the photo was taken at 16 weeks on the dot. My weeks turn over on Tuesday, so expect another post tomorrow bringing me into 17 weeks.

How are you feeling

I'm feeling really good. More energy, I didn't have a single headache in over a week but then had a few tension ones. I'm still having uterus pains when getting up too fast or rolling over in bed in the middle of the night. My belly has gotten really itchy the last few weeks so I ran out and bought some palmers and it's been a god send. Other then that, I just can't complain.


I had them from all the gaining and loosing weight over the last several years. They're really light though, but I can already see a few of those turning a light shade or purple. So I imagine I will have them at some point. My mom had them, so genetics are a fine thing in life.

Weight gain/loss

At my last doctors appointment at 15 weeks 4 days I was up 5 lbs. I've been dreading the scale after we got back from Hawaii so I haven't stepped on. I should have an accurate number for my 17 week post


I definitely felt some popcorn/flutters all throughout Hawaii. I wasn't sure if they were gas bubbles or baby, but I'm almost 95% sure it was baby. I haven't felt any lately though which makes me both nervous and sad. I'm thinking in the next few weeks baby should get stronger and I should be able to feel actual kicks.


We'll find out in August!

What I'm loving

I absolutely love being pregnant. It's been such an easy ride for me, and I feel like my body was made to do this. I'm loving that my belly is really rounding out and that I'm getting more pregnant symptoms rather then just not feeling pregnant at all. I'm also loving my husband rubbing my belly. We're both equally excited, and having him tell me so, just makes my heart melt.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Looking good lady!

Cecilia said...

Awwwwww!! I love baby bellies.

LWLH said...

Looking good girl :)

Smile Steady said...

Oh I am so so happy for you! You're looking great!