Monday, February 27, 2012


Let's just start off with some facts:

We're having a baby!

Yes, we've known for a while, and no we were not trying to be "secretive" about it but with my track record of a miscarriage x 2 we wanted to make sure baby was good and healthy. Then you throw our wedding in the mix, we obviously had a lot of news to share. So here we are; I'm going to answer the questions we've received thus far, but if if you have any further questions you'd like to know, feel free to ask.

When are you due?

August 7th, 2012. (give or take)

So how far along are you?

Before I was pregnant I didn't get the whole "weeks" thing either. I'm 16 weeks and 6 days as of right now. We haven't had an ultra sound due to some insurance issues (I'll tell that story soon ugh!) but I have had 2 DR. Apts confirming heart beat, and uterus placement. I should get an ultra sound in 2 weeks.

Will you find out the sex?

Nope! From the very beginning we knew we wanted to wait. That moment when baby is born, being placed in my arms and my husband telling me if we have a son or daughter makes me tear up as I write this out. In other words, I would never take that moment from us.

How did you find out?

I had a "feeling" a week before Christmas. I think I even told Carlos a few jokes that he might be getting a Christmas present after all. (we didn't do gifts this year) My period was 3 weeks late so I took a test on Christmas morning and it came back with a plus and an empty second box. I had Carlos come Into the bathroom to help me figure it out. It was inconclusive. I wanted to rush out a buy another test but we had Christmas to do with my family so I held off. My mom later asked me how the baby making was going and I had a faint smile and she knew. Later that night, I threw up for the first time. A week later we confirmed with 2 tests and both were positive. We left for New York for New Years and had our first appointment when we got back where we heard the heart beat for the first time.

How are you feeling?

I feel guilty even writing this because, I had almost zero morning sickness. I had about 2 weeks when we first found out, of throwing up, very tired, lots of acid- yuck. But then it subsided. I was never as tired as I expected to be, but then around 12-13 weeks I got horrible, horrible migraines. They lasted 2 days then I would be fine for a few days and for no reason at all they would pop up. I'm still getting them now, despite the doctor saying they should subside in the 2nd trimester. But other then that? I really can't complain. I have lots of uterus/round ligament pain when I get up too fast, roll over in bed or bend over but it's completely manageable.

Was it planned?

We've wanted this baby for a looong time. Infertility doesn't allow for much planning so technically no, it wasn't planned. But it was a very wanted and loved surprise!

Do you have names?

We have 2 names for each in which we won't be sharing. I know, we're mean, mean people. We want to keep them sacred and special to us :)

Do you have a birth plan?

We do, and I'll have another post on exactly what we're doing.

Do you want a boy or a girl?

I think as cliche as it sounds we want a healthy baby. My heart lean towards a girl but C leans towards a boy. Either way, we won't be disappointed.

Where will you live?

If you aren't aware of our situation already, we spend 6 months in Oregon and 6 months in California. Baby will be born in California and right after our season in October we'll be back in Oregon full time. We will no longer do the 6/6 split. We plan to open a second location in Oregon for 2013 where I'll stay and manage. C will be back and fourth between both but only for a week at a time.

Are you showing?

Absolutely. My belly popped about 3 weeks ago and hasn't stopped growing. I'll be doing weekly pregnancy posts starting at 16 weeks. I'll include pictures which makes me so self conscious!

That about sums up what we've been asked at this point. Like I said before, we're so excited to be on this journey and can't wait to finally have a baby as the outcome. I know some of you are struggling with infertility and my heart breaks for you to have to read these type of posts. It was hard for me, too. Please know, this didn't come easy for me, and after 3 years of actively trying we got lucky and were blessed.


Chelsi said...

So happy for you guys! I cant wait for you bump updates. I'm MAD you're not telling names! Just kidding, I understand. You're right, it is hard for us to read things like this. But, it is good too, to know that other people struggle and have good outcomes, ya know? This journey feels sooooo very long. Some days are better than others. And, glad you will be staying put in OR! :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Exciting stuff!!! I bet you'll be glad to settle down in just one place after Halloween. You sound super organized too.

LWLH said...

That's great that you didn't get sick that much. Glad to hear everything is going good.