Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today, we had to pack our bags and head over to our new condo in Ka'anapali. We we're up bright and early again ( 6:30am, ugh!) and headed to the breakfast room for another delicious and free breakfast.

We had 5 hours before we had to check out and we hadn't been down to Wailea beach yet so we decided to leave our bags in our room and catch the shuttle down. Our hotel offered a free shuttle for drop off and pick up which was pretty awesome. Parking was a nightmare down in that area.

cs wailea beach
(Getting ready to head into the water!)

When we got to the beach it was pretty windy and the surf was pretty rough. Eventually after a little hesitation we both got in the water. I had read online that if you were to see a shark this would be the place you'd see them. I had that on my mind the entire time so I don't think I ever really relaxed in the water. Once I saw a lot of people just jumping in I went with the flow and came to the mind set that at least the sharks have options of who they want to bite. Seems silly, but it was true fear I had. The surf seemed to calm down a bit so we had fun splashing around and play in the waves. I guess further out they have some great snorkeling but we hadn't gotten gear yet so we decided we might come back for that if I could get over my fear of sharks.

The next thing I remember is being taken down by a 6 foot wave. There we're quite a few us that we're taken down and I was scared shitless. I remember being thrown to the ground and holding onto my baby belly before I hit, loosing my BRAND NEW Coach sunglasses in the mean time. When the wave subsided I was able to pick myself up, rationalize what had just happened and try to look for my glasses. We didn't have any luck as the waves just came pounding in and I very quickly got out. There was a guy working the beach as part of a canoe rental shop and I asked him what my chances in finding the glasses were and he said absolutely zero.I gave up but I think Carlos looked for a good hour.

We decided to lay on the beach chairs for a little bit to dry off, then head up to the shuttle pick up area and head back to the condo. We got our jeep loaded up and started the drive to the Lahaina area where our condo was located.

We stopped at Subway for lunch and stopped again at that little shave ice stand in Kihei before getting on the highway. We arrived at our new condo around 2 pm and were told check in wasn't until 4pm. We decided to start the process anyway and i'm so glad we did as there were quite a few delays. After being told we we're going to have to move rooms the next day and not be able to check in again until 4 ( on my wedding day!)we pitched a major fit and was able to get a room right away. We lost our "ocean view" suite but there was no way we could move rooms with hair and make up girls coming in. All in all I think it took us a little over an hour to get checked in ( ridiculous!)

Once we were in, we decided to walk the grounds a bit, get a feel for our new location, check out the pools, and the beaches, etc. We then headed down to Safeway grocery store to grab a few essentials. We bought stuff for lunch and a few dinners, to last us the rest of our week. The premise is Hawaii is very expensive for food. And I will say, yes, it's a bit more expensive then the mainland, and brand name restaurants could be costly but if you shop sale items at the store, and eat everything you buy, and/or if you're at a restaurant you have other options other then steak and lobster.

We took our goods home and decided to make homemade meat sauce with spaghetti and garlic bread. I didn't get any pictures because well...we were hungry.

After we finished dinner and cleaned up we went to sit in the hot tub. I've never been afraid to sit in a hot tub pregnant, because I know my body. I have a 10 minute in 10 minute out rule, or if I'm in anyway feeling too warm I'm out for much longer.

Around 10pm we headed back indoors, showered and went to sleep. Tomorrow is the BIG day and we're both so relaxed and excited for it all to come together.