Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We woke up at 6:30 am. Absolutely not like us, but we were ready to get a good start on our day. We didn't make any set in stone plans as we had a 10:30 meeting in Lahaina to get our marriage certificate done.

Our condo offered a complimentary breakfast which we took advantage of. They had some really good items like bagels, banana bread, muffins, toast, fresh fruit, coffee, juice and water.

breakfast condo 1

ks breakfast condo 1

The breakfast room was stunning!

condo breakfast hall 2

condo 1 breakfast hall

Once we were done eating, we headed back to the condo to grab our documents and head to the marriage license office.

it was about a 45 minute drive, even though mileage wise it was only 25 miles. With the winding roads and slow moving speed limit ( 45 to 35 to 25)we made it a few minutes late. Lucky for us she was running late too, so no harm done. The process was really simple. We turned in our forms, showed our license, raised our hand and told the truth, paid our $65 fee and we were on our way.

ks wedding cert 2 edit
(filling out our marriage certificate form!)

We decided to walk front street a bit sine the office was right around the corner. We browsed a few shops, checked out a few menus at some local restaurants and watched some surfers in the near distance.

cs front street

ks front street

It was around noon and we wanted to get some lunch and get a little beach time in. We started our drive back to Wailea and stopped in Kihei at a little deli called 808 deli. We went based off the reviews on Maui revealed ( the blue bible!) It took us a bit to find it as it's tucked behind a big Mexican restaurant. We did find it though and our sandwich was just ok. We were also advised ( from the owner and the book) to try the pasta salad. I took two bites and couldnt gag anymore of that down. it had a weird curry powder/cream mixture and it just didn't flow well for me. Once we were finished we walked down to a little shave ice stand across from the beach and let's just say...Pure Heaven.

cs shaved iced kehi
(sharks blood and coconut/pineapple mix )

I don't remember the name of this place, but if you're in Kehei, it's down the main street across from the beach with huge signs. you can't miss it.

We quickly realized we forgot to bring hats, so we went on a mission to at least 15 stores trying to find some. I had luck right off the bat but Carlos didnt.

Once done with our dessert and shopping we headed back to the condo to get our gear. We called the front desk to see if there was a shuttle we could take down to the beach and they advised us most beaches close at 3pm during the winter ( it was 2 pm currently) We were kind of bummed but decided to head down to the Grand Wailea and see if we could swim at their fabulous pools. We couldn't, as they only allow registered guests but we found a way in anyway.
( consider us ninjas)We swam and sat in the hot tub, and decided to head out and browse a few shops. Eventually we found a hat for C and headed back to the condo.

We were getting pretty hungry for dinner but none of the fancy restaurants in Wailea sounded good. So we did something so silly and drove to Taco Bell. I can't even believe I'm admitting we ate Taco Bell in Hawaii of all places, but it was so, so good. We headed back to the condo, watched a little TV, played on the ipad and went to sleep. The heat must of worn us out because I think we we're both out by 10:00pm.