Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm not sure what my opening line should really be at this point so let's start with; HI! Long time no see? welcome back? All say the same thing, really.

I took a much needed break from both writing a blog and reading some blogs. For many different reasons I felt ashamed. That's not easy for me to admit, nor can I really justify the exact reasons, I just knew my life wasn't what I needed or wanted and I became in denial that women who I read blogs of every day had become perfect. They had perfect homes, perfect husbands, perfect babies, perfect bodies, perfect everything. I think we can all relate and say some people really do portray themselves as "perfect" I'm just not one of them. I tell my real truth. It isn't always pretty, or glamorous. It isn't always conventional or "right" for lack of a better word, but it's MY REAL TRUTH.

I'm moving forward. I have BIG things to document that mean something to me. I want to remember these things, and let my friends and family see a glimpse into our everyday. I hope along the way I can help someone like myself that maybe didn't have it all together. Maybe they were stuck in a rut of screaming on the inside and longing for what was on the outside.

So this is our starting point. A few changes to be made; I plan to document as much as time permits me. We own a very time intensive business and that brings home the rent money and bills come before blogging.
Carlos plans to document a bit as well. I think seeing a blog of a day to day life should be seen from 2 different sides. We're both very different people, who happen to love a lot of the same things. I'm really excited to see what he posts about! ( I reserve the right to say he has a very, sarcastic sense of humor, and he will probably not allow me to see his posts before hand. Don't say i didn't warn ya ;) )

A few facts as of our right now;

* We still live in Oregon however we live in California for the moment ( make sense?). Let me explain further; in August we had no location for our business. It's always up in the air year to year, so we knew we'd be down in California for at least 3 months while building, operating then tearing down said business. In September we came across the best location we could have asked for. A year round one for the next 3 years ( or more!). The only problem was: It needs a TON of work. So now we're here for the year developing. Which is both a good thing and a sad thing. I miss my home.

* We had both talked about eloping in Hawaii last year since a traditional wedding just wasn't for us. I think with the stress of our business, the cancelled wedding and the miscarriage it was still too soon. In December we both sat down and talked about our future plans, and he threw out the Hawaii elopement idea. I love this man for the rest of my life, so of course I absolutely jumped on it. The timing is right, and we couldn't be more excited. February 17th 2012 at sunset on a secluded beach we'll be married. Talk about bliss. ( more posts on the topic to come soon.)

* I lost 25 lbs on weight watchers from August to October. I was so proud of myself and just came easy for those 2 months. Then life got in the way and while I haven't gained any weight back, I still have 35ish pounds to go.

* Living in a 1 bedroom apartment isn't cute or fun or practical. Especially coming from a 2000 sq ft home with 4 bedrooms. I don't recommend down sizing.It was suppose to be for 3 months and now we'll be here a year. The joys of business ownership.

Welcome to our life. I hope you enjoy our journey as much as I love living it.



Ashley said...

I love the new look!
Congrats on the Wedding date! I hope y'all have fun! I can't imagine down sizing! I love our 1900 sq ft house. I bet that has been super hard. But all worth every minute of in the long run.

Chelsi said...

Can't wait to keep up with your "happenings"! You already know I agree with your need for a break from the OHSOPERFECT bloggers. :)

Lil' Woman said...

Can't wait to hear more especially from both of you guys...that should be fun!! :)