Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've always thought that word was funny. Sourpuss I remember once when I was maybe 9 or 10 and I had just found a load of self confidence and started standing up to my brother, or whoever because I was made fun of for having freckles, or being chubby, or whatever it is he and his friends felt they could make fun of me for. My mom had said something to me that I didn't like ( I can't remember what!) and I gave some smart ass reply ( which was common, LOL still is!) and she said "you need to go to your room little miss sourpuss" It always kind of stuck. So now when I see girls/women that have major attitude problems all I can think of is man, what sourpuss!

Times have a really changed Haven't they? When I was in highschool the big thing was AIM or AOL chat rooms and the regular old telephone and beepers.. Do those even exist anymore? Now we have facebook, twitter, myspace, texting,blogging, etc etc. I'm sort of sad that people don't pick up the phone much. It was fun to make new friends through chat rooms and then log onto Aim and have someone message you. Those things have changed into all this other social networking now. While I do enjoy blogging and facebooking sometimes some stranger will do something that just blows me out of the water. People have really lost a lot of self confidence. They have lost real people skills, and can now hide behind their computer screen. behind a blog. People who might otherwise be shy in real life are total arrogant, bullies on the internet.

I avoid drama at all costs. I have 150 cast members in my business and deal with enough teeny bopper drama from them. I don't need to be apart of drama from the internet, from people I don't even know.

Sometimes words can come across different through text, and unless you really know that person in real life, you wont know if they are being sarcastic, mean, opinionated, etc. I've been at fault for this. I'm sure we all have. But if I have offended someone, and they let me know, I'm quick to look at my mistake, apologize and move on. What else can I do? I wish other people would do the same thing. Realize that you're putting your life in the open for people to read. Realize not everyone is going to share your opinion. Realize we all have different personalities, and just because you might not understand where someone is coming from doesn't give you the right to make a judgmental remark about that persons character. And the blogger/twitter gangs? Really? girls get their online best girlfriends, then have them all gang up on one person in an open forum just because they can. So wrong on so many levels. It completely makes me want to run the other direction with social networking. We're all suppose to be networking. Having fun. Getting to know new people.We all put glimpses of our life out there for others to read. We want feedback. We want encouragement. But I guarantee nobody wants to be bullied or harassed behind a screen.

So in conclusion, I just hope we can all be adults while on public sights. I delete, unfollow, and walk away from anyone I see doing the above mentioned things. It's not nice and is extremely immature.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Yes, people can easily hide on their computer. When I was in high school, the big thing was to have your own phone line-ooo ahh!!! I had a beeper but not a cell so my parents would get all mad because they'd page me but it'd take forever to call back.