Friday, February 11, 2011


Just the title makes me drool.

Here's a secret. Both Sparky and I never watch sports. Maybe, we'll watch a baseball game here of there but that's about it. We're just not the sporty type. Growing up, my family always watched football, ( Packers and cowboys!) and hosted ( as well as went) to lots of super bowl parties. I didn't care about the game but loved having new friends over to play, but even more so? I loved all the delicious food! ( real shocker there, right? ;) )

This year I told C a few days in advance that I wanted to actually watch the entire game and make lots of delicious food. Just the two of us. He obliged, and off I went on the hunt for the perfect super bowl recipes.

We started off with some bbq/buffalo wings. I cheated on these as I bought them from our deli counter. After pricing what it would have cost to buy all the ingredients, plus cook them, we decided the deli counter was the best bet. They were running a deal for a bucket of wings for $8.00 Can't beat that!


Moving on, I decided fajitas sounded really good and would be good on the calorie front. I went to Chevys to pick up some fresh made tortillas and we grilled some chicken, steak ( for him) and veggies.


Everything turned our delicious! And I was pretty excited that I stayed within my calorie limit even though I indulged in 2 mikes hard strawberry lemonades.

I was also pretty into the game this year. I didn't get all the scoring stuff, but enjoyed watching, and rooting on an old family favorite team ( Packers!)

I think we may have just started a new tradition!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Yum...making me drool!!! Way to stay in the caloric limit lady!