Saturday, February 26, 2011



Well after many arguments and going back and fourth we finally decided on our spring vacation in Florida.

I'm sure you're thinking; Why the heck would you argue about vacation? In short answer. We're both very opinionated.

He wanted to go on a cruise. I wanted to be stationary on an island and enjoy beach life. I'm all for cruises and would have had no problem going on one, except C's entire family (including C) has opinions on what islands are the best, choosing the best boat, don't go here, or there. ugh. I wanted our first "big" vacation to be some place we've both never been.

I think it's no surprise that we're pretty big Disney fans. Neither one of us has been to Disneyworld, so that's our first stop. Well, technically San Francisco is our first stop. We'll be driving down to SFO for a week to spend some time with C's family, run a few business errands and leave the dog.

 We'll fly into Orlando, spend 4 nights. Out of those 4 days 2 will be spent at Disneyworld. We'll then pick up a rental car and head down to Key west for 3 days. Can I just say for the record how EXPENSIVE hotels are in the Keys? Holy crap. I've had mini heart attacks just looking at the prices. Apparently we're going down at the tail end of spring break, so prices are probably inflated.  I can't justify spending $300 a night for a room that you don't spend much time in. We have other vacations going on this year, so my frugal self is going to continue looking and waiting to see if prices will go down. After Key West we'll be picking up another car and heading to Miami Beach for 3 days.

We have absolutely no plans as far as attractions goes ( well, other then Disney) but I'm really interested in snorkeling, para-sailing, and lounging on the beach. We're also pretty stoked to try Cuban cuisine and key lime pie!

So there you have it. 10 days of vacationing bliss on the other side of our world. Now I just have to figure out how I can make it 57 more days. Our high today is 16 degrees. Florida? 80. oy


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Fun!!! I hope you have a blast! I'm totally jealous of your vacay! Can't wait to hear about I have to wait 57+ days to hear about it!!!

Mrs. Lukie said...

We just returned last night from a cruise that departed from we spent the last 2 days in South Beach. The weather was AMAZING and it is *such* a fun place. Enjoy!!