Sunday, January 9, 2011


>We're preparing for a mini vacation on Tuesday to Southern California. We're going with a good friend down to Disneyland for 4 days and I can't freaking wait! We decided to stay home for New Years Eve, so we were able to swing this mini vacation into our budget. The best part is; We're Flying! We usually just drive, but since it's a short trip we're going to fly. Instead of a 16 hour road trip it will take us 4 hours of flying ( with a few hours in SF for a layover!)

> I'm going through major mommy guilt about leaving Spencer at a dog kennel. We've always got to leave him with our family and friends, and this time we just don't have that available, so he has to stay in a kennel. We've checked a few out and ultimately decided on one based on the fact they offer suites and potty breaks. He literally has his own "hotel" room equipped with a radio, TV & outside access. He gets 3 walks, and a kong toy before bed. If I didn't feel guilty about leaving him, I'd be laughing at this ridiculous situation, but none the less, he'll be well taken care of I'm sure.

>I am doing 2 gym classes today, 2 tomorrow plus a personal training session. I'm really trying to knock out some major work, since we'll be on vacation. I know we'll be on our feet 16 hours a day walking around the park, but I just don't want to have to start back at square one when we get back. It will be interesting to see what my body band tells me I've burned while walking at Disney.

>I'm going through short hair withdraw. I've taken a year to grow my hair out, and then I dyed it brown. But I'm now wishing I had short blonde hair again! I think the hair debacle with forever be a love hate relationship.

>I still have Christmas decor up. I know, I'm lame and lazy. But we literally put it up 4 days before we left for all our Christmas travel. So I feel like I needed a few more weeks to enjoy it's festiveness. But now? it's just mocking me, and begging me to put it away. Maybe before our trip. Maybe not. LOL we'll see how that goes.

>Valentines day stuff makes me sick. Especially when it's in stores the day after Christmas.

>I'm addicted to playing angry birds on my iphone. It literally consumes hours of my time.

It feels good to empty out my brain!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

What is everyone's obsession with Angry Birds??? I must check it out!!!