Sunday, April 4, 2010



The week I had was exactly like The week I had before. It has seriously not stopped raining for 12 days straight. And i'm talking massive down pours, hail storms and feet upon feet of snow in our mountains.

We had a really mild winter, with very few freezing days and only 2 days of actual snow in Portland. But I think it's making up for it in Spring....I know I'm doing quite a bit of complaining about the weather, and normally I LOVE rain, but I have stuff to do people, and when my tulips are dying because I can't get them planted, or when I can't vacuum the massive amounts of hair out of my car because i'll get drenched I become an unhappy camper.

And to tip the cow, Mm nieces and nephews are in town, over at my moms, 3 hours away and over 1 mountain that just so happened to get almost 10 feet of snow during the week. I was hoping to spend Easter with them, have a little family get together since we can never seem to have everybody in the same place at the same time. But nooooo...Mother nature can suck it!

Okay, okay on a happy note..

I made C an Easter basket. I usually do every year, and this year being no different. I got him a few of his favorite goodies and the new Super Mario wii game. He was pretty stoked!

While browsing our local thrift shop, I also came across a first edition Stuart Little book. I snatched that baby up for $ 2.00 and got home, looked it up, and found out it's worth almost $1000. They have quite a few for sale right now, so I'm going to hold out for a few years and see if the value will increase more. But still, talk about a great find!

Since it's been crummy weather I've been doing quite a bit of cooking. You'll be getting lots of recipes and pictures this week! I hope you'll give them all a try, because every single thing I made turned out awesome!

Only 3 weeks until we leave for Sunny Southern California. We'll be spending 3 days at Disneyland and 2 days a little more south ( I can't mention the second location yet, because it's a surprise for C!)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and very happy Easter!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

$1000!?! That's awesome!!! GREAT find! Have fun in CA...wish I was going.

In this wonderful life... said...

sorry for all the rain!! I think California will be much better! So jealous of Disneyland!