Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had BIG plans this weekend. I was looking forward to C cleaning out our garage so I could find a few things. I was looking forward to painting and reupholstering a chair I bought. I was also looking forward to planting my purple tulips I bought at lowes more then 3 weeks ago.

But did I get to do ANY of those things? nope. And you know why? RAIN.

I live in the land of rain, where it rains 75% of the year. But you think for one single weekend that I have allocated to staying home and getting stuff done it would give me a break? I mean, the weather forecast said it was going to be partly cloudy. But never did they say it was going to rain. I've been jipped I tell you, absolutely jipped.

So instead, I went on a date with my best boy. We had big plans of cheesecake factory, but after being told we had at least an 80 minutes wait ( holy shiznet!!) we were too hungry to deal with that. So we headed out the door, and guess what? I found $20.00 bucks laying on the ground in the parking lot. SCORE!

We decided to head to Sushi. Then we headed to borders and read all my favorite magazines, and decided it was time for a movie.
We saw She's Out Of My League. We both thought it was comical and cute. Certainly following in the steps of Nepolian Dynamite, but a bit better.

On Saturday we went to home depot to have some paint made, so we can start painting my grandma house.
( more on the later!)  We made a few visits to some of our favorite store, before heading to the grocery store to pick up dinner stuff.

On Sunday we cleaned. Just like we do almost every Sunday. now I'm enjoying my fabulous clean house, my freshly bathed dog, and I'm getting ready to deep condition my hair and paint my nails.

So while my weekend didn't go as planned, we still made the most of it, and had some fun :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Purple tulips sound pretty! Sweet about finding the $20!!!