Friday, April 16, 2010


OKAY.... Who wants to build this lady a household bills spreadsheet?

I know someone out there LOVES to do these things, and I need you to come forward and offer me your services....for free....! ..;)

I was going over my monthly bills today and making online payments and have come to the realization, that while I love having my bills paid, I wish I was a little more organized. I have envelopes, and bill statements strewn across my desk and this needs to be dealt with. I was able to opt for paperless billing on 4 accounts, but I still have a few that don't have that option. Unfortunately, C usually grabs the bill, throws it on his desk, and when it comes time for me to sit down and do our budget and get things paid, he looses track, or he puts them on my desk without me knowing and then I loose track.

What is your system? Who does the budget in your family?

Our situation is a little different because we have a business, so not only do I factor in our household budget, I have to factor in the business budget as well.

I don't use quick books or any of those programs, but I own quick books, so I wonder if I should start there?

I'm also thinking some sort of awesome excel ( which I suck at by the way) spreadsheet would do me some good of keeping track.


The paypal issue is not resolved. It looks like I will be talking with our lawyer about our options come Monday morning. I did speak with someone on the phone today and he said there is another account that was closed, that is linked to this account. But he couldn't give me any other information. We did have an account several years ago ( probably 5 years ago) that we closed because we weren't using it but why would that make a difference? I hate hate hate paypal. We did find another company to go through but unfortunately it's not as well known as paypal, and people have been conditioned to go with what they know. I wish they knew paypal has several lawsuits every month because they screw people. I also wish they knew your info: ( name, address, credit card # bank #) is sent overseas so you're more at risk of identity theft, and last I wish people knew paypal isn't FDIC insured. Which means, they can screw people and have no real recourse for doing so.

It's a horrible feeling knowing because a company is big, and because they have money ( that they obviously steal) they have free reigns. That's not right.

Moving on!

This weekend is the first weekend in the last few weeks that we don't have any one thing planned. Since we're leaving next weekend for vacation, I'm hoping I can get all the cleaning done, my office organized and maybe a trip to my favorite festival.

Have a great weekend!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Grr at Paypal! No spreadsheet here and I do EVERYTHING online! Congrats on minus five pounds!

Vanessa said...

I pay all my bills online through online bill pay which is free through my bank. I love it!