Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am currently beyond PISSED.

We have used ebay for years.We own a Halloween shop that is online based and we do several online sales, in which we use ebay. We're also pickers. We find things of value that nobody wants, fix them, clean them up and sell on ebay. it's sort of a hobby for us and what we do in our off season from our Halloween business.

Last year, we added online ticket sales to our haunted house, and ended up using paypal to accept the money. Turns out it was a great ideas and our sales drove up 15% just by adding online sales. At the end of the season we had several thousand dollars in our paypal account and we got the dreaded email that our account was shut down for fraudulent activity. We couldn't access any of our money, we could no longer accept any money and nobody. Not one single person could tell us why.

We finally got an email stating that in 180 days we would receive a check in the mail. That's 6 freaking months, that this company would collect interest, that we wouldn't see a dime of our sales money.

What could we do though? We waited it out, and on the 180th day we received an email asking where we wanted our check mailed.

Needless to say we didn't plan to use them any longer.

We started accumulating quite a bit of stuff to sell on Ebay and knew we were gonna have to deal with paypal in some way shape or form.

We ended opening up a new account with no problems, and figured since we wouldn't have any high end sales, it shouldn't be a big deal. We listed around 25 items, and low and behold, our last item we listed went to $655.00 We had no idea it would go that high since we only paid $25.00 for it, but we weren't complaining! ;) We didn't take any of the other funds out of the account yet, as we were waiting for this payment to clear, but within 15 minutes of receiving the payment, we get the email again. Our account is shut down for "High Risk" and we need to contact customer service. So we did...And we got the same run around.

They wouldn't tell us WHY our account was shut down, and just said we would have to wait 180 days for a check in the mail, and that this kind of thing unfortunately happens all the time.

Happens ALL the time? Umm. Why are people still using Paypal then? Are you only allowed to use it if you're buying or selling things under $100.00? because both times our account got shut down was when the sale went over $500.00. And if there was a problem, or if they needed to check out facts, they could of emailed or called. It's not like they don't own ebay, they can view the auction, the tracking number, and contact the buyer to insure they were getting their item.

But no. They are the worst business I've ever come to deal with. There is zero reasoning for shutting our account down, I firmly believe they do this when there is a certain dollar amount so they can collect interest.

Not this time though. I will be calling them tomorrow, speaking with a supervisor. They will either re-open my account, or get me the money within 2 weeks, otherwise It's stealing. I will be calling the police to file a report, the better business bureau and then contacting our lawyer, along with starting a class auction suit against this company.

It's not about the $ amount that they have of ours, it's about their business practice. I can't even imagine the people who have reviews in the 1000s as a top ebay seller. What do they do? How do they fight with this company and still have an ebay account?

I'm disgusted and pissed. That's all I can say.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

OMG! I would totally be pissed too and how cool you run a haunted house. I worked in one from the time I was 16-22, they're a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I also heart Fitness Pal. Keep us posted on what happens with Paypal. Go get 'em girl!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I HATE Paypal. HATE HATE HATE. I rarely use it and mine ended up getting shut down for the same reasons.

Well, I have been trying to close it because I want to open a new account. Except that they want a phone number or address to confirm and I have since changed those. And they keep telling my I'm SOL!

Paypal is the devil, I'm convinced.