Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm completely behind on my posts this week. We've been running around like crazy trying to get everything done before we leave for vacation on Friday.

I have a few posts scheduled this week to pop up, so while you're reading, just know..No, I didn't type them that morning, and no, I most likely will not blogging while enjoying my vacation! ;)

Moving on.

One thing I want to discuss before doing my weigh in.

I've been on every fad diet known to man kind. I've tried every single absurd way to loose weight and without a doubt, none of them worked!

I was a fairly skinny kid, and then chuncked up ( you like that? ;)) right around 11 or 12. My brother started teasing me that I had a pot belly and it sort of started my self consciousness. 

I struggled with weight from then on. I finally had got most of it off, and was happy with my body right around 16. I kept it off for about 3 years and then started dating C and packed on more weight topping out at my heaviest.  ( Thanks late night fast food runs and zero exercise!) After two years of yo yo dieting I got off more then 40 lbs in about 3 months. I kept that off for 4 years. We had some stress in our business, and with stress comes over eating for me, so I gained all 40 lbs back plus 10 more.

Last year C and I had gone through so many ups and downs and I lost about 28 lbs in 1 month. I had stopped eating, wasnt sleeping. I was completely a mess. It wasn't healthy the way I got it off, but lucky for me in the long run, C and I are back to being happy and I've kept off 25 of those lbs.

So that's my life story, ( or pretty close to it!) Jk..

Weigh In: 163.5
-5.5 lbs


(I decided to do the pics in my sports bra, embarrassing or not, I think it really shows my flaws and improvements)

I'm really happy with my weight loss for the week. While I don't expect to do that every week it was a nice jump start.

Here is the catch; I actually ate and lost weight. I ate a lot! Everything pretty healthy of course, but still...

I started the 5 factor diet and 6 days of exercise.  While again, I don't feel like the 5 factor diet is a diet, per say, I agree that it does take work and moderation.

The whole science behind 5 factor is that you eat 5 small meals a day, so your body doesn't go into starvation mode. This was big for me, because I ate 2 meals a day and that was it. So I thought by adding more food, and more meals to my day I would surely gain weight. But I didn't. I lost weight, and you will, too.

There are 5 certain ingredients you have to add into every single meal

1) Lean Protein
2) Complex Carbs
3) Fiber
4) Fat
5) Sugar Free Fluids

It's really easy! And i'll try and post some of the recipes I use when I get back from vacation. I like that you can still eat out at restaurants. I also like that you get one cheat day a week.

So far I've had no issues of finding good goods that follow his program.

Take today for instance:

I woke up at 10:00am and started off with 2 fiber gummies ( I always take them!) 1 breakfast sandwich
( whole grain english muffin, egg white and turkey sausage with a slice of low fat chedder cheese) cut up apple and a bottle of water

 12:00 For snack I had string cheese, and carrot sticks with 1 tbl peanut butter and water

2:30 Lunch I had 1 slice of whole grain bread, egg salad (2 egg whites, 1 tbl non fat mayo, salt and pepper) cut into 4s. I had 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries diet pepsi

6:30 Dinner Spaghetti squash with meat sauce  ( ground turkey, onions, tomato sauce and various seasoning)  ceasar salad  & water with a splash of lemonade for flavor.

10:00 Snack 8 Quaker rice crisps, ( apple cinnamon) water

I seriously feel like I eat all day long. I was never really hungry, or never really full. The trick to eating meals like this is setting a time schedule of when you need to eat so you don't skip a meal and binge later.

I kicked it up several notches in the gym as well. I did another boot camp class, followed by swimming, and then every single day I've gone to the gym and have done 1 hour of cardio, plus swimming.

I feel like I'm able to breathe when running now, and have migrated to the weight section so I can start playing around with those!

Sheesh! long post this time around!  Good for you if you made it through all my babble.

I wont be doing a post next week, but as soon as I'm home I'll get right on it!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Super impressed girl! You're doing awesome. Have fun on vacay!!!