Saturday, March 20, 2010


Okay, so I know I've been MIA the last week but it was to your benefit that I was. You see, The night C left was the night my hormones decided to act out and I became the moodiest, unpleasant, and flat out bitchiest person around.

It's not as if I wanted to be that person, but I was stuck in our house, alone (well, with the pup) for 7 days. I couldnt sleep, I couldn't eat, I was crying, I was mad, I was just not good with life. There is an explanation for all of this, but really, I can't go into details right now.

Moving on, C is home and all is well in my world. I lost 11 lbs in 7 days (go me?!) and I'm finally sleeping again.

Today was amazing. The weather topped out at 75 degrees, and we got up early and spent every minute we could outside.

In Portland they are pretty well known for a "Saturday Market". They have it every single Saturday and I guess they added Sundays too. Basically, it's crafts, food, games and live music. Much like a festival. We had never been so decided to check it out. Can I just say; I've never seen so many hippies in my life. Portland is pretty know for their weird folk ( not kidding!) and certainly have a huge hippy following. But when it's the norm to just casually ask if I have a joint, or feel out of place because I don't have dreads or birkenstocks on, I'm immediately questioning our decision to go.

None the less, we had fun people watching, and enjoying the sunshine. Will we go again? Probably not unless we decide to smoke the green stuff or buy into blown glass.( which kind of go hand in hand, LOL!)


You see the brick building that says VooDoo Doughnuts? This is Portland's claim to fame. This place seriously has a line of 25 people (if not more) at all times. They have the famous bacon maple donut. We tried it last yearwhen we first moved here and found it to be too sweet and not our style but apparently all the stoner's   locals love them.

There was seriously SO many people there. It was hard to walk side by side and most of time I was holding on to C's back pocket for life so we wouldn't loose one another.

And just because I think he's cute....


And notice his black jacket? I seriously have NO idea why he had that on. He is the one that likes to sleep with the window open and the fan on in 30 plus degree weather, but yet he was sporting a jacket in 75 degrees. I digress....

So overall we had a great Saturday. Tomorrow we'll be spending some time at home, cleaning, doing some laundry, hanging out and hoping the rain stays away ( although word is, we'll be back to showers. booo!)


Jorden and Kristin said...

Awe sorry you had a rough few days!! But yay you for loosing so much weight!!!