Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Addition

Let me just start out by saying I totally need to spend time taking photos of our house. I love looking at other peoples homes and decor, but never share much of my own. Well I'm going to start! Especially now that I have a lot more decor and home improving going on.

I love my couch. I mean not just *love* my couch but Really LOVE my couch.

There is kind of a funny story behind it too. 2 years ago we had moved into our new house in Sacramento sometime the first week in August. Our peak season of our business begins August 15th, so while we had a few basics, we didn't have the big stuff ie; couches, chairs, TVs etc. We didn't even have time to look for anything either, and decided we could make due until after our Halloween season.

Well November 10th hits, we're wrapping everything up with the business and start getting phone calls from family asking if we're hosting Thanksgiving. Since I'm the *chef* of the family, it was only logical that we did.

After everything is said and done we have a guest list of 18 and not one single piece of furniture. I of course go into panic mode and we start our shopping process. I knew the exact couch I wanted, but they ranged somewhere around $4000. There was no way in hell I'd pay that for a sofa, especially if I wasn't living in my dream home.

Store after store we hunted and found nothing. A week into our search we saw an ad that looked promising and was in our budget, so we went and looked and we loved it. It was a down couch, red in color and was the exact size we were looking for. I think they we're asking $850 for it. We had the sales men start getting our bill ready so we could buy the couch. after waiting an hour for the guy to come back, they said the sale had ended and the couch would now be $1200 and there would be a 4 week delivery date since they didn't have them in stock. WTF? First of all, we had the flier that stated the sale ended the following day and second of all, they said all items were in stock. Obviously it was gimmick. And we left, very, very disappointed.

We knew we weren't going to find something in time for Thanksgiving, so we just figured we'd get by with tables and chairs and everyone would have to deal.

We went that night to Sam's Club ( walmart's version of Costco)to start our food shopping and noticed they had a furniture section. They only had a few pieces but one of them was this couch. It was a down couch, that was tan in color, perfect size and $ 599.99 clearance. I started yelling for C to come over and sit, and we both knew it was the one. Now here's the even better news. They had a full matching set. The couch, a chase lounge and a chair with ottoman. For $699.00 we could get the chair and ottoman. So in the sale sign it said 3 pieces which naturally would have been couch, chair and ottoman. But no, the manager said it was chase, couch & chair ( he had no clue the chair included the ottoman). So we got all 4 pieces for $699.99 and we ran out the door as fast as we could with our new beloved furniture.

To this day everybody who sits on our couch loves it. It's so comfy and has washable seat cushions!

The only thing I hated about the sofa were the ugly pillows. No big deal. Although I didn't change them for almost 2 years, I've been on the prowl looking for the perfect pillow covers.

Cue Target ( otherwise known as my mecca)They have a new section of throw pillow covers. I found two that I loved, brought them home and switched those old ugly ones out!


They really brighten up the couch and the space. it was such an easy and cheap fix I can't believe I didn't do it sooner!

My next project are window treatments. I've bought half the stuff but I'm still looking for one more item. I should hopefully have it finished by the weekend.

Phew! This post got a lot longer then anticipated.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love those pillows! So bright and cute!

Cecilia said...

I really love the floral pattern. Great find!

Sarah said...

I'm in love with the idea of a down couch, especially one with washable cushion covers! I have a furry four legged friend who spreads her lovely fur all over the place. Washable cushion covers would be a godsend! Target has throw pillow cushion covers?! I'm on my way....