Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mish Mash

A few randoms for the day ( or week)

It's raining cats and dogs. With a 2 day break I was spoiled. but now I'm back to stepping over nasty slugs, and getting drenched.

Sparky and I have restored our Friday night date night. Last week was fun! We made dinner at home, and then headed to a new movie theater, that specializes in living room settings. The chairs were big leather recliners, and you couldn't see anybody in front or back of you. We ended up seeing Extraordinary Measures. We really loved the flick, as it was based on a true story, and based right here in Portland. If you get the chance, and have 2 hours to spare, go see it!

We have a business trip planned this coming Monday to head down to California for a few days. While I'm looking forward to seeing a few friends and the in laws, I'm not looking forward to the 12 hour drive.

I'm secretly hoping on the business trip we will take a few days to go snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. It's been 2 years since I've rode and i'm both excited and scared. Wish me luck!

While down in California, ill be stopping by my hair lady and having her work some magic. I'm completely over my hair. I hate the length, the pouf, the color, everything!!While I fully understand she can't do anything about the length, because I am growing out my stacked bob, I need her to take some weight off, figure out something with my bangs and hopefully get me to a color that feels fresh for spring.


Please excuse the crappy cell phone picture.

Speaking of Spring. The ground hog saw his shadow and now we're at 6 more weeks of winter.
FAN. TASTIC.  ( sense my sarcasm?)

I'm working on organizing my bathroom. Ever since we moved into our house, we have had boxes, and things just thrown everywhere. It's finally driving me nuts! Since we aren't home much, and the time when we are home we have better things to do, I've made my Saturday completely clear so I can knock this out.

Other then those few things, not much else happening in our neck of the woods.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love that you call hubs Sparky like Clark Griswold! When I was younger I used to love pouring salt on slugs but I would get in sooo much trouble the next morning when my parents would see all the salt spots on the sidewalk-oops!