Monday, February 1, 2010

Lets Talk Bachelor.

Okay. Huge disclaimer here. I hate this show. WITH A PASSION. I feel like it's nothing but fakeness, and these girls ( and guys) are only here to make money and get their 5 minutes of fame. Moving on:

I had nothing better to watch last season on a Monday, so I tuned into the Bachelorette.I started from the very beginning, and sort of got sucked into it. Now, normally I would have been watching just to make fun of all the cheesiness, but I felt Jillian was there for the right reason. I also thought Jake was there for the right reason, and I voted for him all along. When they threw in all the drama with Ed, and guy who's name I can't remember, but only wanted a record deal, I was immediately turned off. I know that was a publicity thing.

Months and months down the road, I heard news Jake would be the next bachelor. Not only was I excited, I was just so hopeful there would be another Jillian for Jake.

I missed the first 3 episodes. I hate those ones anyway. Too much fakeness. Too much talking about " this could be it" NO THANKS! :)

After the last few episodes I have my top choice. I think she is the real deal and doesn't care about the fame, or the money. Jake is a pilot. He makes bank. He gets money for being on the show, and something like 500k for a dream wedding. it's pretty hard to narrow down the girls who are in it for love, or who are in it for the cash.

Let me first talk about who needs to GO. Vienna. She is a monster.She is ugly inside and out and should have never even made it this far. For a guy who ran back to Jillan to warn her about rockstar guy, you think Jake would take that into consideration. For the record ( I made carlos watch this with me tonight, and his opinion of her isn't good. His comment went something like this; "She must give good head, cuz she looks like a man!". Well said hunnie.

Now for my winning girl. Tenley. Not only is she from my home state and my county neighbor, she is sincere. She is so sweet, outgoing and beautiful. They would have gorgeous babies!

Now..if for any reason, this Vienna girl makes it to the last 2 or even wins. I'm done. I wont watch the show anymore. I fully understand most of it is fake, but for the love of god, match two right people together!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I'm totally NOT into this show either. A girl I went to hs with was on one of the "Bachelors" but she was eliminated the first episode!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Check out my blog on Saturday. I'm leaving you something to brighten your day!