Monday, February 1, 2010

Favorite Snacks

I always wonder what other people eat for snacks. I feel like most of the time, I eat the same thing, and never stray away from those staples.

My number one go-to snack is goldfish crackers. I always have a package of them lying around, especially next to my computer. I generally only like the original flavor of cheddar, but sometimes I get creative and opt for Parmesan.

while they may not be the healthiest thing around they are now made whole grain and of course, I eat them in moderation.

My next snack is a granola bar. I really like the special K strawberry ones, that are only 90 calories.They usually curb my sweet tooth in the middle of the day, and again only 90 calories. You can't beat that!

 Those are my two staple items throughout the day.

Early last week, while grocery shopping, Safeway had a gorgeous selection of apples. at $2.99 a pound, I just about ran in terror. Introducing the mother of all apples; the Honey Crisp. I've heard about them before, but had never eaten them. We decided to grab 2 ( which ended up being around $4.00 for two freaking apples!!!! please excuse my inner tight wad) When we got home, we chopped one up and devoured it. let me just say: They were FAN.freaking.tastic! best $4.00 spent. Only problem? I needed to find a way to get a whole bunch, without spending my life savings.

Cue Costco. We needed a few house essentials, and decided to head to Costco. While browsing the fruit section, I found a package of 11 Honey Crisp apples for $11.50. While still not the cheapest apple in the world, I snatched those babies up.

My new staple snack? Honey Crisp apple with chunky peanut butter. Hurry. Go buy one, or 12. You wont regret it!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! So funny you talked about Honey Crisp because this lady in my office LOVES them!!! I'm more a Golden Delicious kind of gal. Love your blog layout.