Sunday, July 22, 2012

The birth plan

This wasn't something I was absolutely sure I would share. I know everyone has different opinions and I didn't want to get flagged and ripped apart because mine might differ from yours. But this is our journey, and our baby therefore we feel we made the best decisions for our family.

Going into "labor talk" we worked a lot with our doula and our doctor to make sure we were all on the same page. I didn't create this idea in my head that it was all or nothing, I left my options open, but kept the idea that this is how I'd "like" for things to play out, best case scenario.

So without further ado, this is our birth plan based on a vaginal birth. We'll talk C-sections after.

1) We plan to use the services of a doula, and would only like myself, Carlos and our doula in the labor and delivery room until our baby is born. We will have visitors after we are transferred up to post partum.

2)If induction does become necessary, we would prefer to try all natural ways first (breast stimulation, , walking, sexual intercourse) If medical intervention is needed, we would prefer to use the cervical cream before moving to pitocin)

3) We will be laboring at home for as long as possible. We ask that when we come into the hospital to finish labor and start delivery that pain relief drugs not be offered to me unless I have requested them.

4) I would like the option to use natural birthing techniques. Hot showers, walking, birthing balls, massages, etc.

5) I would prefer no episiotomy and to tear naturally.

6) Once baby is delivered, I would like for Carlos to tell me the sex of the baby

7) We would like for the cord to stop pulsating before it is cut. Please offer this cutting job to Carlos.

8) We do not want the baby to have any eye ointment if not necessary

9) All vaccinations are delayed. Please do not vaccinate our baby

10) If the baby is a boy we will not be circumcising

11) We would like all exams to be made in our room; otherwise Carlos would like to be present during all exams in any other room.

12) If the baby is taken to the nursery for any reason, our baby will be exclusively breastfed. Please do not offer formula or a bottle until I have a chance to breastfeed.

13) We would like to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible if there are no complications.

As you can see, all of our "plans" are based on a natural birth. We're are going into this with a completely open mind, as I know birth plans are sometimes unrealistic once you're in the moment. As I said above, I would also discuss a C-section if necessary. I never included a plan for this as I don't think I will need one. My body was made to have babies and I fully believe that if I didn't allow the option of having a c-section I would pay closer attention to what my body was doing. That's not to say I'm naive. I fully understand complication arise, and this could very well be my future, I just pray it's not.

I told our doctor that if there should be a medical reason to have a c-section I fully trust her knowledge, and would go with the flow on things. I can't control the medicine, I can't control where they take my baby, and I can't control how long I stay in the hospital. In the instance of a C-section It's gods plan for me, and I will surrender to whatever that plan is.

I'm really looking forward to birth, like really, really. I know it will be tough, and painful and I know I'll probably eat my words a time or two. But birth fascinates me, and being able to experience the process with a fully progressed baby just blows my mind.

So on that note, I can't wait to have a natural birth, a healthy labor and delivery and the cutest, squishy-monster baby I ever did see.


Jamie Horton said...

Good for you for thinking of all of the things you want and making sure your "birthing team" knows what is important to you. I had quite a list for my wants when I had my youngest daughter (11 years ago!) Fortunately for me, I had a friend that made sure everything went my way - though the labor and delivery room was a bit more crowded than I had planned... I also wanted to go home asap - we had the baby at 5:30pm and I was ringing the nurses by 6am requesting to go home. I really didn't want to stay the night, but I guess it is required? Hoping for a great delivery experience for you!

Liz said...

Best of luck!! No c-section would be awesome. But just in case, make sure you have a plan for if that happens - like requesting for the baby to be brought to you for breastfeeding as soon as possible. Unfortunately, my baby had to go to NICU right after my c-section so I couldn't even attempt nursing for 24 hours. Not ideal.