Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Unfortunately there isn't much to "review" this was a business only trip and I knew that going into it. So let's start there....

We left Oregon on June 24th a Thursday, which generally is a bit early for us on the normal scheme of things. We decided a few months prior to have a garage sale, to get rid of stuff we've accumulated in the last 4 years. I didn't get any pictures because, well it's a garage sale. LOL ..nothing too exciting! We pretty much sold out and made over $600 which was a huge bonus! I highly recommend doing one..not only does it empty your garage but to add that chunk of change to your savings account? Heck yes.

I have a few tips:

1) LOTS of signs. it took us over 2 hours to post them, but we used about 40 signs total. We made our signs years ago using paint, and have kept them nice and neat in a box..people always complement us on signage.

2) Start planning early. Carlos and I are both a bit OCD about keeping things neat and organized, and that was the basis of how we ran our sale. We had "sections"..electronics, house hold, office, etc. People loved that they didn't have to look through everything. They could go to the section they were interested in and find what they were looking for.

3) Hang your clothes. I hate going to a garage sale where they have all their clothes thrown in a box or on a lawn. We hang all of them on a clothes rack so they look nice and neat.

4) Price everything before. This is HUGE. You already have your hands full, the last thing you want to do is track down your husband, mother in law or father in law to find a price on something. So have everybody pre price there stuff before hand.

5) Last but not least; Make deals! if someone is buying one thing, I generally would leave the price as is. But if someone had their hands full of stuff? I always made them deals so they wouldn't put anything back!

We only had our sale on Saturday because everything sold so quickly. on Sunday we spent our one and only day off at the local pool, and then we had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I was so stoked to be in the SUN and lounging as much as possible. Good thing I did, because the week to follow wasn't so kick back and relax.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Holy smokes!? $600!!! That's awesome!!! Matt and I just always donate our stuff to the local church for their garage sale because we never have enough stuff to do a big enough sale that's worth while.

Krystie said...

We used to do the same thing, but had 2 other people, plus with our big move over a year ago we had extra stuff. It was totally worth storing it in our garage!
( although, if you would have asked me 3 months ago I would have complained!)