Saturday, June 19, 2010


 I was responding to one of Jens post about a blonde moment and it came to mind that I actually have quite a few!

Some are really silly and some are completely off the wall!
1) I was driving home from the store one day and pulled up next to our house. I turned off the ignition, grabbed my phone and was putting everything in my purse to head in. I realized I had left all the windows open so I grabbed my keys back out, turned back on the car and rolled up the windows. I grabbed my purse and got out of the car, shut the door and realized I just left the keys in the ignition. DOH, such a blonde moment! Luckily the door didn't lock!
2) One day C and I were outside at night and we saw a plane fly over head. The plane had red and blue blinking lights in which I said to C; I wonder what happened? He replies; What do you mean? I said, aren't those police planes flying with the blinking lights?  He stared at me blankly and started laughing.

3) I was eating ice cream that was really cold, so I blew on it...

4) Just got out of the shower, was in a hurry to get dressed, grabbed my jeans threw those on, made it to the car where C was waiting for me, getting half way down the road and realizing oh shit, I forgot to put underwear on!

These are just a few of my moments, and i''m sure I have a lot more ,I just can't always remember them!

Wat are some of your "moments"?