Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I guess you might be wondering why I haven't updated you on the weight loss. Well truth be told I haven't lost one single lb for 3 weeks. I'm getting so frustrated with it yet, It makes me work even harder.

This last week I seriously worked my tail off in the gym, proportioned all my food, made sure everything was healthy and still. The scale would not budge! The only thing I can think of is I'm gaining muscle weight, because in reality my stomach is starting to look a little more toned and my pants are a bit looser.

I've decided for the next two weeks I'm going to skip the scale. I'm going to continue working as hard as I can and eating right, and if in two weeks that scale hasn't moved down I'm going in for lipo! ( kidding! ) I'll probably talk to the nutritionist and a personal trainer.

So no picture for 2 weeks. Bare with me ;)

In other frustrating news. I made a hair appointment at a new salon, and had to wait a grueling 3 weeks. I forgot to write down the appointment but didn't fret because they said they would call to remind me. Well I knew it was coming up this week, so I gave them a call today to confirm which day. Turns out it was for TODAY and in 20 minutes. My drive to the salon was at least 30 minutes without traffic. So I let her know as much and asked why I never got a phone call. They said they think they left a message on Saturday but guess who never got it? So I ended up showing up about 25 minutes late and right as I got there she said she just took in a walk in and had an appointment in 2 hours so she had no time for me. I was not a happy camper. Unfortunately I have a gift certificate so I couldn't say or do much and refuse to never come back. So I opted for a "squeeze in" appointment tomorrow. if she doesn't do an amazing job, I'll be  contacting the salon owner.

It's raining. Surprise surprise. All over my facebook account I had friends ( mostly in the mid west/east coast) exclaiming how sunny and hot it is. Well I guess they get to start summer early because there is no sign of warm days ahead for at least the next 10 days. And the only thing that makes this better is that California is getting the same rainy weather, so it's not just an "Oregon" thing.

This last week we've tried a few new recipes. Since I can't do much else around here these days I'm going to get them posted on the blog!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Can't wait to read the new recipes! I've decided to not weigh myself but rather to measure in my clothes. Good and bad because the one size is huge but I can barely fit into the size below (depending on brand). Yes it's hotter than Haitis here which is totally stressing me about the half marathon!!!

Amy Silver said...

Thanks for finding me! I am now a follower! I love your blog, haha, I hear you on lipo! Even though I don't think, I'd ever be brave enough to do it, weight loss can be SOO frustrating. Stick with it!

Adie said...

Keep up the hard work on the weightloss! it can be so frustrating!! In Colorado it is Hot one minute, raining the next, and snowing the next - all in the same day. So I totally get the annoying weather thing.