Sunday, April 11, 2010


 In my last post, I mentioned I never watch sports. I've never been to a professional game, ever. Neither had C, so when I logged onto one day and found 2 Baseball game tickets for sale I jumped on it!

We apparently have one of the nicest baseball parks and what a perfect day to go on! It has been raining non stop the last several weeks and Friday night just happened to be clear. it was chilly, (45 degrees!) don't get me wrong but it was nice to just be outside, enjoying something I never thought we'd enjoy.

The Beavers ( our home team) happened to be playing Sacramento ( our second home team!) We of course rooted for the Beavers, since we didn't want to get kicked out of the state! And can I just say, I've never been so much into something, where every single move they made I was on the edge of my seat. every time they messed up, I loudly, let them know what I thought about it. HA! I'm pretty sure C was wondering where this girl came from, because never in his life has he seen me get that competitive.


We actually got fairly good seats, which buying discounted online tickets I thought for sure they'd stick us in the nose bleeds. There weren't a ton of people, since it's opening weekend, so we really had our choice of where ever we wanted.

(cell phone picture!)

We left the game about 30 minutes early as we started to freeze, and the Beavers were loosing. They lost 10-5

It was a good game, and we'll definitely be buying more tickets to see a few more games!